Food for Thought about Magento Extensions

Food for Thought about Magento Extensions


12 January 2018

By limenotlemon

Have you met Magento E-Commerce?

Magento is a platform to make an e-commerce website. Whether you are running a business in the fashion field, sport, food, furniture, toys, or any human needs, it said, ‘No other platform gives you the power to create a unique, limitless, and engaging shopping experience.’ You will also enjoy rich, out-of-the-box features, an unlimited ability to customize, and seamless third-party integrations. Even if you are a starter, small, medium, or enterprise business, you are free to contact any developer of Magento.
Magento Extensions
If you want to devour more food for thought about what Magento E-Commerce is, you can read the 5-minutes-article here. Okay, the lesson is not yet started. Shall we get back to Magento Extensions?

Categories of Magento Extensions

Magento has more than 2,000 types of extensions you can choose and use for your e-commerce website when it comes to extensions. Actually, we have 2,866 so far. Their claim of the ‘100 flexibility’ is not just a marketing slogan. Magento E-Commerce Product proves itself as the best platform to make your first (or second maybe) e-commerce website.
But before we discuss more, let’s see these categories below:

  • Accounting and Finance
  • Content and Customizations
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing
  • Payments and Security
  • Reporting Analytics
  • Sales
  • Shipping & Fulfillment
  • Site Optimization

Those categories are also explained in Official Magento Marketplace. You can open and read every specific extension if you want to know more.
magento extensions marketplace
As I said, it’s not only the extensions themselves, and even the categories still have much to think about. Maybe if you work in the IT field or already have competencies in website development, this is just some kind of information. But if you are non-tech savvy but have the urge and intention to upgrade your e-commerce website, especially if you use Magento (maybe if you don’t, consider data migration, and let’s talk about it in my next article), least the categories seems not really helpful. I know, let’s take a look closer then.
Honestly, I think it’s not that easy to choose and apply with all of those extensions. You need to compare, learn, and apply all those pieces of stuff. And what if it doesn’t fit your business model and the design of your e-commerce website? This is a serious problem which we have to discuss. And we are here, ready to help.

How to Choose and Use

Goals and Strategy

As an executive, director, manager, or even any member of the team, you also have to consider anything based on the organization’s goals. That’s why the goals must be specific. As well as the strategy. You can share your goals and strategy for your Magento website. So that the extensions are well prepared and well developed based on the perfect fundamentals.
For example, if you have the intention to work in the fashion field and your product is taxed. Therefore, your Magento website will need some analytic programs for your taxed products. The program lets you understand any taxed product that has been sold to your lovely customers.
Food for Thought about Magento Extensions
Or maybe you can try Magento extensions for the marketing program. There is a Magento extension that helps you send emails to your customer about their cart’s condition. If they don’t get any items in their carts or if they have one or two items, the program will ‘gently’ remind them to pay for any items in their carts quickly. This is quite helpful since cart abandonment is the most famous problem that any e-commerce seller encountered. As time goes by, that problem will surely decrease, and you will sell, sell, and sell more products.
One more thing is security. Internet of Things era also followed by the anxiety about ‘what will happen with my credit card or my digital wallet. Magento extensions also provide the users with a security issue with a well-developed security program too.
As I said, if your goals are specified, your strategy to increase your selling traffic, make an awesome barrier from cybercrime, and know about the taxes, all of them will be answered by Magento Extensions.

Differentiation and Positioning Approach

In the early 2000s, W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne said in their Book, Blue Ocean Strategy, if you join a business, you encounter two types of the ocean, the red one and the blue one. The red ocean is a super competitive area that already has plenty of powerful competitors, the market leader, and any huge obstacle that you have to encounter. If you are just a small fish, it surely won’t be an easy step to win this kind of competition.
The blue one is the opposite. With new unique, great innovation and values, you can make a new ocean without competition. This ocean is absolutely new, and you can strive to become the market leader. But of course, it’s not easy to find a well-developed differentiation and positioning, especially in terms of an e-commerce website. But it’s worth a shot.


As we discussed before, we live in a sharing economy era, where every company starts to assemble and begin something new. The service that we provide will be featured with a lot of individuals. Talented and goal-oriented individuals. That’s where and when teamwork is born.
Instead of doing it alone, it’s better to work with other people. Great vision and mission will cost almost everything in your life. In fact, your vision and mission can’t be done by yourself. There are at least 4 steps that we need to take before reaching our goals in terms of marketing. We must choose our market based on what value we provide, and we must shape that value into something better, consumable, and beautifully attractive. Also, we have to do promotion, so the customer is aware of us and the products we provide. All of that can’t be done by yourself.
Food for Thought about Magento Extensions
That’s why LimeCommerce was born. We are a professional digital agency that runs in three fields, web design and development, marketing, and Magento E-Commerce as our core value. As well as installing Magento extensions. Whether you are not good at it or you don’t have time to learn, you can call us anytime, anywhere. If you already know about Magento E-commerce and Magento extensions, then we are ready to hear your ideas and goals. The best e-commerce website will come to life and ready to strive in any ocean.

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