How to Start A Fashion Online Shop

How to Start A Fashion Online Shop


27 October 2017

By limenotlemon

Start A Fashion Online Shop

If you have a passion for fashion, opening an online shop for fashion products may work well. Of course, starting a new online shop may sound a bit scary, especially if you know nothing about website, programming, and hosting.
Do not worry, and you are not alone. Many people feel confused too when they start their online business, but in the end, some of them managed to do it, so you surely can do it too.

Why start an online shop for fashion products?

The data from various researchers show that more and more people become comfortable buying fashion items via online shops rather than conventional shops. This is because of all the benefits which they can get from online shopping.
Fashion Online Shop
If you buy things from an online shop, usually you are required to pay for shipping fees too, but in the end, buying things online can help save you from a load of stress, and sometimes it could be cheaper too. One of the best aspects of online shopping is you can check the image and the specification of the product before you decide to buy it, all from the comfort of your home!
The high level of convenience is not the only reason people prefer to buy things from an online shop. A Wider range of choices, competitive pricing, and an easier way to get information are other reasons people turn to online shops from traditional brick-and-mortar shops.
Another benefit for online shop owners is saving more money than if they run a physical store. You also can manage your online store from the comfort of your home.

What do you need to do to start an online fashion shop?

1.Make a plan
Any form of business needs a plan, so does your online fashion shop. The plan itself does not have to be awfully long; you end up stressed yourself. The type of plan that you need will vary, depend on how you use the plan. You can either use it as a guide to accompany you along the way or as a reminder of your goal.
2. Customers
Where will you get your first customers? One of the common mistakes made by new entrepreneurs is they failed to decide their target market. First, try to understand your own product and what kind of problem it can solve?
Start A Fashion Online Shop
For example, you decided to sell women’s clothes made with decent yet affordable fabric. The design will determine the age range of your potential customers, and your good yet cheap fabric means that most women should be able to afford them.
3. Choose your platform
The next step is: decide where you will build your online shop. Do you not want to bother with developing and maintaining your site, or do you prefer full control and freedom to customize your site however you like?
There is a wide range of E-Commerce platforms that you can choose from, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Do not forget to check the backend too. After all, you will end up using it daily. Try all the available features. Is it easy to understand? Is it user-friendly?
For a fashion business, I recommend Magento as your E-Commerce platform. Many famous fashion online stores like Kurtgeiger and Oliversweeney pick Magento as their platform. Yes, you may use another platform like Woocommerce or Shopify as a start, but they will not be able to give you the customization you need as your business grows bigger later.
Start A Fashion Online Shop
Make sure your new E-Commerce platform supports responsive design too. After all, now people are getting used to using their smartphones when it comes to online shopping, so having a responsive website is a must. When your fashion business grows, you may want to build a separate native mobile app.
4. What kind of clothes or fashion items do you want to sell?
When it comes to fashion, you can choose various kinds of items for your products. You can try to use school clothes for students, baby clothes for new mothers, sports attire for gym lovers, and much more.
Pick your target market. The sense of fashion for teenagers is surely different than the adult in their 30s.
5. Create an unforgettable store’s name
This one is common sense. Do not make it too complex by choosing a hard-to-remember name just because you want to make it unique. When your customers show their friends and family that cute bag they just bought from your store, you want them to remember the name of your site easily.
Pick the name you will love, and you can easily say without feeling embarrassed. The process to pick a good name may take a while, but do not worry. After all, it is a part of your planning process.
6. Develop a unique brand for your fashion online shop
Besides deciding what products to sell, you need to focus on building your brand too. The brand itself will be a combination of your selective products, the name of your store, your target market, and the overall looks of your website.
Start A Fashion Online Shop
What kind of “nature” do you want for your brand? Do you prefer clean lines, simple and minimalism? Or probably you rather choose something fun and girly with feminine soft colors because you want to appeal to young female teenagers and adults as your target market?
Your brand is more than just picking a background color for your site. Your brand is everything you do for your fashion business, from deciding your tagline to how you interact with your customers on social media.
7. Photo for your products
Unlike the brick-and-mortar shop where people can touch the fabric of the clothes or the leather skin of the bag they want to buy, your customers can only check the quality of your products from images and product descriptions you put on your site.
You can either use a human model or just the products, but make sure to include three or more images showing different aspects and angles of your products. Do not forget the close-up of the materials and patterns.

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