Instagram App as Marketing Platform

Instagram App as Marketing Platform


05 October 2018

By limenotlemon

After the reign of Facebook (although in the recent year most of us still using Facebook, even when we know they treat us like dairy cows), Instagram has come to provide us with a lot of information. However, the two pillars of Instagram are photos and videos. That’s why, when you open your Instagram app, the more you scroll it down, more photos and videos will come to feed you up.

Why Instagram?

Instagram App as Marketing Platform
It becomes the most popular than other photo-sharing platforms, even with its big competitors like Snapchat, Path, and Pinterest. Also, the Instagram app has a significant difference with 9gag. You know, that funny platform that shows you a lot of memes. Instagram could be a specific place to your interest (even 9gag has an Instagram account as well.
A lot of celebrity also has an Instagram account. Even ordinary people could be an Instagram celebrity when they present an awesome and related content. Therefore, there is a chance for your store, even it’s small, you still can rock the world.
As I mentioned it before, you can use Instagram, especially in an Instagram app, however, you will need to create a good content in it. A good concept is needed. There are a lot of features in an Instagram app these days. Something like the Instagram story, Instagram feed, explore the option, using and following the hashtag, search by places, search by hashtag, and more features. Even now, we also have IGTV and Nametag as the most recent features.

What can we do on Instagram?

Use a Good Concept

Let’s take an example. You can see from other Instagram accounts that have the nice concept right from the very start. In Instagram, you don’t just simply upload photos or videos. It’s more than that. Business account should present itself as an actual business account with marketing approach. You can add a background to every photo and upload it systematically. You can get some example from an Instagram celeb or people who make it beautifully. Try Dan Brown if you want to watch how he posts.

Monitor Your Insight

instagram insight
Instagram has native analysis system to monitor all kind of activities in your Instagram account. Even a single tap in your Instagram story could be recorded. so, almost everything about your follower and viewer are being recorded to your insight. However, you can only use it in the Instagram app. So, make sure you always get an admin to monitor your Instagram app.

Give Your Heart

Instagram App as Marketing Platform
Not everyone will like your post. However, you still can gather more likes from the right audience. First thing first, as an e-commerce store, you will need to activate the business account. You can start from the setting and simply click the button. It depends on the insight of your account.

Promote Button

Promote button is another feature on Instagram when you a business account. Tap your ‘profile’ button and you will find it right before your ‘edit profile button’. You can use it when you want to give an advertisement to the related audience. The algorithm of Instagram will help anyone to find a product which is related to the audience. Therefore, you got nothing to lose.
Unfortunately, you will need a Facebook account to make the payment. Payment? Yes, just like other advertising platforms, you must pay the cost in your advertising. And it depends on how long your advertisement on the air. Feel free to pick it by yourself.

New Features of Instagram in the Instagram App

Before, I mentioned these features. IGTV and Nametag. New feature like IGTV could be the best option for you to demonstrate your product. Especially if your product has usability and needs some demonstration before you hand it to your customer.


In Instagram App, you can watch anything. Whether it’s your feed, Instagram story, and Instagram live. And now we have IGTV. Just like the Instagram story, but it’s longer and doesn’t have 24-hours lifespan. So you can post it and watch it anytime.
The Instagram story is good for your advertisement (I will talk about it in a different article.), but IGTV offers a brand new approach. I think it wants to compete with YouTube. Make your own TV freely.


Since it’s new, let me explain it first. The nametag is somewhat like a barcode of the Instagram app. You can scan the nametag to get a particular profile and follow it right away. If you have the Instagram app, you can update it first and learn it from the Instagram’s instastory.
Instagram App as Marketing Platform
Get your own business card inside the Instagram app. It’s way easier and provides another way besides promoting your username in other platforms.

Closing Thought

There are thousands of possibilities you can get in the Instagram app. Simply click the sign-up button and register your online store. Make sure to use it in a business account. Also, if you want something more, you can integrate it with your e-commerce website to make it easier to monitor. Just drop us a line and we will make sure you can get the best experience in integrating your Instagram app and use it freely with your e-commerce website.

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