Playing with Instagram Hashtag

Playing with Instagram Hashtag


10 October 2018

By limenotlemon

The Instagram app, good caption, and now hashtag. Instagram has a lot of things to discuss. And all of its features could help you to run an e-commerce business. As the title said, we will discuss that popular sign and the effect when you played it well enough in your Instagram account.

About Hashtag

What kind of food is hashtag? Is it something you eat? Is that a conspiracy from the world government to keep using social media for a daily digest? I think the third one is somewhat too much fantasy. Instead, let’s talk about what is hashtag and how it could become so impactful in the digital world.
In the Twitter universe, we have the Trending Topic feature that use this sign to present the exact topic that goes viral over the world. When you click the “Search” button, you will find the Trending Topic based on the location. You can also change the location, whether it’s specific to a city, country, or worldwide instead.
In my country, this feature mostly will be used to make someone or something goes viral. A politician will use this tactic to gain attention and make something (mostly stupid stuff) goes viral. Even if it’s a hoax, the politician will also use it as long as you can get the power afterward.
Hashtag, long story short, is a meta tag to filter internet content. No spaces and preceded by # sign to make it blue. The filter will redirect people to specific content for a faster and relevant search result.

E-Commerce Tips for Using Hashtag in Instagram

The Instagram User Can Searches and Follows It

Playing with Instagram Hashtag
When you open the search feature in the Instagram app, you will find the tag option to navigate all tag you could find. Not just that, months ago the Instagram started a new algorithm and now you can follow your beloved tags. Instagram will give you the most popular posts every week. So, it’s not just people but also hashtags.
For your e-commerce, you can also promote either your hashtag and your Instagram account. I will tell you the rest in the next sub-topic.

Specific Hashtag Leads to a Specific Audience

Don’t ever use a wide-range hashtag like #cars #clothes or something like that. Yes, it would lead you to a wide market share, but of course, you will face some big competitors who could easily crush you to pieces. Especially if you are a small business.
Stand out while using a specific hashtag that tells your brand. You can use your own brand name. for example, use #Nike or #Adidas to make it stand out. For more, use the specific name of your product. If your brand name is “Star” and you sell a cheesecake, you can make it as “StarCheeseCake or #Star + #CheeseCake. Thanks to that, the customer will find your store easier, even for the specific product.

Use Your Own Hashtag

Include your brand as a hashtag to stand out of the crowd. As we know it, the flood of information on Instagram could easily drown your posts. We have to make sure it won’t happen in the future. For that reason, you will need to find your own hashtag. So, people will find your way easier.
Playing with Instagram Hashtag
Another reason is when your account has already famous if you have more than one thousand pictures and videos, the audience got no time to seek the product one by one. The tag will help them find the most suited product by themselves. If you can imagine it, it’s simply like the categorized side in a market. You will get the food when you go left and you will get the domestic product when you go right. Simply like that.

About Long Hashtag

We never want a long one. A longer tag will make your post looks like a spam. You know, #pleasereadthislonghsahtag will not fascinate the audience.  As the wise man said, “Ain’t nobody got time for that!” make it brief just like when you write a caption. Hashtag supposed to direct your audience see the theme, the main concept of your post. We already have enough junk in the internet world. Do not create one.

Don’t be out of topic

Playing with Instagram Hashtag
Trending tag is good to follow, but not if you are using it as your marketing purpose. Using tag that out of topic and doesn’t even related to your post would be a suicide. Instead of considering you as a real e-commerce store, you will be rewarded as a spam account and maybe they will try to block or report you right away. Long story short, never does that.

Final Statement

Tagging is just like what we do in the physical store for all our product. The metadata tag simply helps us to categorize all product make it easier for the customer to find the product they wanted the most. If you have more question about this one or if you want to integrate your store with your e-commerce website, you can drop us a line and we will discuss your problem. We will make sure you will be supported by our experts right away.

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