Instagram Search: Explore Business Possibilities

Instagram Search: Explore Business Possibilities


04 December 2018

By limenotlemon

Using Instagram Search

Post and stories are the main product of Instagram. Those two make you stay all night stalking your favorite artist or celebrities. But if you are an entrepreneur, there are countless possibilities to make your business grows bigger. Using Instagram for your social campaign could be an answer to get unlimited attention. One feature that you can try to ride this campaign is Instagram search.
As the name said, you can search for anything from this feature. But the question is, what’s so special about this feature? Actually, there are four tabs in the Instagram search. People (to find an account), Tags (to find a label), Place (find a place based on the map), and Top (find the most suited person for you).

Explore three contents at once

explore instagram

Instagram TV (IGTV)

The new ‘black hole’ from Instagram. Instagram TV wants to challenge big video providers like YouTube. Since YouTube still on top of the competition for video sharing. YouTube also has live features for personal accounts or TV. Even now, YouTube also has ‘stories’ features like Instagram. The competition is real. And for now, you can create your own online store’s ‘channel’ on Instagram.


You can also choose the tab to find some specific posts based on what you like. What will take the Instagram algorithm in charge of arranging the whole ‘Explore’ point to give you the best posts possible? And since Instagram wants you to stay longer watching these posts, you can scroll it down, and it will still load you more photos and videos. It’s bottomless.
Let’s get back to your business. Let’s say you build an online bookstore. You have a website and an official Instagram account to reach your market. Now all you need to do is make a good post about your product and upload it to your Instagram account. Since ‘Explore’ has tons of posts, you need to do well-made photography for your product. It needs art.
Create a specific and original concept for your account. A little editing would be nice. After that, make sure you have a schedule for posting your content. Yep, this is important because Instagram posts only last in minutes or even seconds. After the user reads and sees it, they will scroll down to see other accounts. Your content should be enticing enough to gain attention.
After that, you can wait and monitor the traffic in Instagram insight. Analyze, upload more content, Instagram stories, and follow the response up.

Bottomless Videos

The first big square of your “Explore” will be Instagram TV. Since Instagram TV only has a small icon beside the ‘Direct Message’ icon, Instagram needs more attention from the viewer to use this new feature.
But we don’t only have Instagram TV on the ‘Explore’ menu. If you scroll it down, you also have bottomless videos with an auto-scroll down feature to make you stay watching unlimited videos you would like. The videos will be based on what you like, save, comment, or even based on the people you follow.

Creating a hashtag for all product line

Hashtag on chalkboard
For a customer, it will take a long time to search for their product on Instagram. There is no feature for searching a post in an account. You can only find the post by manually scrolling down all posts in an account. If that’s too hard, the customer could use the hashtag in the Instagram search and find all posts right away. That’s why you will need to create special hashtags for all product lines.

Pinup the map

Yep, just like what I said before, Instagram search also has a tab to find a post based on the place. If you type something like Eiffel Tower or Marina Bay, you can see all the posts from those holiday spots. There is always an option to add your location or not. But if it’s about marketing, make it easier to find your post. Who should add a location to every post?

Final Word for Instagram Search

Above all, the main point to optimize Instagram search is using all those features. Specific hashtag, specific location, great concept for the content, and a schedule to manage all posts. Don’t forget to monitor and analyze the traffic so that you can calculate for the next step. If you master all of those features, you can get the best traffic result.
For next time, let’s talk about Instagram Stories. It’s been 2 years since we enjoy our interaction with our friends by using this feature. And as usual, we will bring this feature to join other tools as your marketing strategy.
If you have any questions about your development progress (website and mobile app), you can drop us a line.

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