Learn About Magento Developer

Learn About Magento Developer


14 February 2018

By limenotlemon

For Passionate People

Welcome back! In my last article, I told you about handling beginner clients from a web design company’s standpoint. And now, I want to explain about Magento Developer. This is important because if any client (especially a beginner) wants to find a good website design company, you should come to Magento Developer. Magento Developer will give you many new options and experience to learn when it comes to growing your e-commerce store. Well, talk about it later.
Learn About Magento Developer
Let’s talk about you, the reader. Why are you here? What kind of answer do you seek? Are you passionate enough to run some business? Believe me, starting an idea, maintain it, and grow it to become a huge business are not an easy task. Countless sleepless nights, anxiety, sadness, fury, lack of hope, sometimes joy and pleasure, but mostly you will face hardship, a ton of it.
But let me take the lantern and guide you on your journey, our journey. Yes, passionate people always attract other people to develop them and build a team to face the challenges together. Someone will be the leader, someone will be the supporting team, just like playing RPG on your console.
So if you have made up your mind, then let’s meet and greet Magento Developer!

About Magento Developer

If you want to know more about Magento itself, you can read it in my article here. I told you almost anything about Magento from there. But if you have some mystery in mind and can’t find the answer, if you want to know more, just let me know. Put some comment or contact me on our website here.
To make it clear, Magento is a platform that provides the client with the best e-commerce website experience and 100% flexibility. Since the reign of e-commerce began, Magento also keeps their pace with more than 150,000 developers to help everyone get their best e-commerce website with their own taste. Thanks to the flexibility and ability of open-source software that we can build as beautifully as we want because you can mix and match any theme, extensions, content, and much more to entice your customers.
Learn About Magento Developer
Magento also develops a super safe security system. You can update it periodically. Just contact your Magento Developer, and you need to think about running your business and winning the competition. They will support you professionally.
Basically, Magento Developer is an individual or a company that helps you to build a website. And since Magento specializes in the e-commerce business, you will realize that all Magento elements are particular. Design, content, extensions, and other aspects are provided for the e-commerce field.
Not just that, Magento also does a lot of training with a certificate to spread the Magento Developer across the world. There are many Certified Magento Developer Expert. The certificate is a sign that the Magento itself acknowledges them. You can put your trust more in them.
The problem is the location. In this digital world, the geography problem shouldn’t be a problem. But if you want to find a way cheaper service from a Magento Developer, then I want you to find a smaller Website Developer Company in Asia, especially if you have a low budget but have a passionate heart to start your dream business.

What they do

Before you start searching for the Magento Developer, you should know what they actually do. In short, there are two main developers of Magento. Frontend Developer and Backend Developer. The frontend developer will support you to make a good presentation when your e-commerce website goes live. Using a drop-down menu, search bar, banner, colors, and fonts, that’s all thanks to our front-end developer.
The Backend developer will also aid you with the whole data and extension you needed on your new website. The backend consists of a server, database, and anything that the frontend developer need. Both of them are the perfect duo to make the best e-commerce website.
programmer learn magento developer
And Magento has a specific certificate for both frontend and backend developers as well. After facing the official exam, the talented individuals will be granted an official certificate, and you can check it online. It’s good evidence to make sure that you are working with the right person or team.
I got some point about what a Magento Developer does from peacockcarter. And here is the thing:

  • Installing and configuring Magento
  • Building Magento themes from provided designs
  • Optimizing Magento’s performance/loading times
  • Configuring Magento’s stores to support multilingual and multicurrency setups
  • Installing, testing, and configuring payment gateways such as PayPal, SagePay, Authorize.Net, etc
  • Integrating other business systems into Magento – including accountancy software, custom relationship management (CRM) software, and other business applications
  • Performing audits of Magento websites for search engine optimization

Why Choose Magento Developer

In my last article, I want the client to find an emphatic website developer and designer to build a good e-commerce website. So I think this is the finest answer. The best support from its software and the developer itself could guide the client to the next level. Both the client and the developer will face the competition as a partner in crime.
Well, I already told you the whole story, and now it’s your time to choose.

Take Your Time

Obviously, you don’t have to push yourself too hard. So take your time and ask more. Researching before deciding something is the best I know. You can spit out all your question to us, and we will give you options to choose from.
Learn About Magento Developer
But if you did make up your mind, visit us in LimeCommerce and let me know about your ideas. Any idea will be great because we will make a brainstorming forum and turn your ideas into a real website. See you in a moment, and Happy Valentine’s Day!
P.S. For my next article, I want to discuss Social Commerce. Hmm, I think it’s interesting since many entrepreneurs now use social media as their platform to run their business. Perhaps social media will be part of the competitor, or we can do something better about it. So stay tuned, guys!

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