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Magento Indonesia


20 January 2016

By limenotlemon

Magento Indonesia eCommerce Experts

Magento is a CMS-based web application or often we know Content Management System that is devoted to eCommerce or online sales. This application is made using Zend Framework, while for its database, this application uses Entity-Attribute-Vale (EAV). Magento is the most widely used e-commerce player application. Magento itself has released an e-commerce application for the mobile version. Magento also provides several features and tools for developing e-commerce sites.

The following are the features found in Magento :

  • Site Management – Settings from the admin side for the site
  • Order Management – Order settings for admins
  • Catalog Browsing – has an easy navigation system, there is product filtering and detailed search
  • Product Browsing – multiple images for a wide selection of products, wishlist and others
  • Analysis and Reporting – integrated with Google Analytics and has various types of reports
  • Payment – Many payment methods: credit card, PayPal, and others
  • Shipping – shipping for multiple addresses
  • International Support – provided a list of countries that are permitted to register, purchase and ship
  • Promotion and Marketing Tools – provides functions to provide coupons properly
  • Check – page for customer checkout
  • Mobile Commerce – can be used on iOS-based phones
  • A tool for product advice, with assessments and reviews on products provided by customers
  • Search Engine Optimization Settings

To add features to Magento, users can install the Magento Extension provided in the Magento Marketplace, there are free and also paid extensions. Magento is perfect for building e-commerce, with so many complete features.
The purpose of Magento’s development is to build a platform for e-commerce where control is approved by the owner who must be an admin but still in the construction process. Currently, e-commerce trends are increasingly popular and increasing demand in e-commerce application development has made many applications open. as an e-commerce solution. Magento itself has many advantages that must be used as a CMS (Content Management System) e-commerce in business competition is increasing.
Lime Commerce uses Magento as a solution used for E-Commerce implementation. Limecommerce provides Magento implementation services in Indonesia. Make us partner with Magento Indonesia for your E-Commerce project, Please contact us.

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