Magento SEO: Claiming The Highest Search Result

Magento SEO: Claiming The Highest Search Result


09 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Magento SEO

Magento is one of the most popular platforms in the e-commerce industry. The flexibility of this platform is limited by the user. So, basically, you can do anything, with it. You can start your fashion store, build a website for your newest cookie recipe, presenting indie games, or anything. And after you’ve built the website, now the next task is to present your website and get the attention in the big world of internet. That’s why we will talk about Magento SEO now.

Claim the Best Result for Magento Website

Magento SEO is as the same as other kinds of SEO. Long story short, let’s talk about how you manage to get to the top search result. Yep, you can use Google Advertisement campaign to get to the first page. Yet, of course, it has its price. And if you low on budget then you will need another recipe.

Things to Ponder for your Magento SEO Plan

Keyword Research

People search something on the internet based on keyword. Even if you use voice search from Google, you still need to consider the keyword for a better search result. That’s the reason for an e-commerce website to keep up with some good keywords in creating website content. There are several keyword research programs you can try.

Page Optimization

Page optimization means you need to make every post of your content effective and efficient. Effective means you need to make sure that the page is related to customer needs and could solve their problem. Efficient means no useless content. If there’s some sentence or picture that you don’t need, simply erase it from the post. So, you should evaluate every single content in before you bring it online.


Magento SEO Claiming The Highest Search Result
Striving to get the best SEO result is fine. But don’t forget that you are creating a post for a human being. First question: is readability is related to your SEO result? The answer is no. you don’t have to be careful about readability when it comes to SEO result. But what about the reader? If the reader gets the satisfaction when they read your content, I think it could also affect the engagement of your content. Your audience becomes more loyal due to your readable post. At least they could get something useful for your easy-to-read post.

Meta Description

meta description
You need to be aware of your meta description and write it under 155 words. And don’t be spammy. The Internet has already got its junk, so don’t make a junk content yourself. Explain your post briefly in the meta description. When it comes to a keyword, only use the single keyword just like what your post is all about. Never put other keyword or even just use several keywords as your meta description. Since obviously, your Magento SEO score will be bad.

Rich Snippet

If you think it’s necessary, you can also add a rich snippet for each post. I said necessary because not every e-commerce website could easily add the rich snippet. Sometimes normal snippet is more than enough to enthrall the audience.
Ah yes, in case you don’t understand what rich snippet is, there is a slight difference between the normal snippet and the rich one. On the other hand, the rich snippet serves you more information like thumbnail, rating, or even review. It’s varied based on the website and how the company presents its content.


Actually, there are more points to increase your Magento SEO result, but I think those five are the most important thing to be considered first. After those five, you can think about other things like how you post it, where you share it, and other similar necessities.
I think that’s all for now. If you have any question, simply send us a greeting and we will be happy to lend a hand to you. Happy weekend!

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