Maximum Benefit of Magento Newsletter

Maximum Benefit of Magento Newsletter


31 January 2017

By limenotlemon

Maximum Benefit of Magento’s Newsletter

Most people will tell you that sending newsletters to the customers is a useless act. They said it just wasting your precious time, effort, and will not do any good for you and your business. Do not listen to them, because they are totally wrong.
The newsletter is a very versatile tool and also an inexpensive method to deliver your message and reach more customers. Even among the rise of social media in E-commerce world, email marketing still remains one of the most powerful E-commerce marketing tools to engage customers.
So, what kind of benefits that you can get from newsletters?

  • You can maintain a good communication with your current customers.
  • You may be able to capture a new lead.
  • You can nurture new leads until they convert into a permanent customer.
  • You are able to position yourself as an industry expert.

In newsletter making process, content is the most important aspect. If you create an off-topic newsletter and send it to all your subscribers, they may unsubscribe you. So, once again, keep in mind that you need a good content. There is no another way around. Try to not use the same content again and again. Variety will help you to retain your customer’s interest. So, what kind of contents you can use for the newsletter?
You can combine between :

  • How to tips & tricks.
  • Sales and discount offers.
  • Current trends.
  • Links to the articles your customers may like.
  • Company News.

Of course, all those contents should be related to the items you sell in your online store. For example, if you sell books, then the how-to tips & tricks should be something that related with books, like how to store book properly, etc. Do not write something that looks like an overly self-promotion. Most people do not like narcissist. It is fine to mention your sale, but do not focus on that too much.
Now, I will give you some tips how you can get more benefits from your newsletter or email marketing, especially if you use Magento as your online store platform.

  1. Offer a content that worth to read

I am sure this is a very obvious point, but believe me when I said that there are still many newsletters out there which only contains a list of advert inside. Nobody wants to watch TV just for the ads, right? Where the fun in that? No matter how entertaining the ads is.


That is why, you must provide a good content for your newsletter, something your customers will like and read. Yes, there is no doubt that at the same time you want to put an advert in your newsletter too. After all, you own a business, and you want to get more profit. But you need to put something that can make your customers interested, even if it is just a small special offers.


  1. Keep it relevant

A successful and profitable E-commerce starts with segmenting your customer’s lists. Using just one promotion or communication can not resonate with all your customers. For example, let’s say you sell clothes for both men and women in your online store. Then, one day you decide to send big sales on all men clothes, and send the news to all your customers, both men and women.

Doing that may alienate half of your customer’s list. Women will think that most of your promotions are not for them and giving up in reading your newsletter. We surely do not want that to happen. This is where creating and sending segmented promotional e-mails can help you. Segmentation also can help reduced spam report rates, bounce rates, and unsubscribe rates.

  1. Attract your customers with a good headline or subject


Your e-mail is not the only marketing email the customers get. So, you need to make sure that your customers feel interested to read your newsletter as soon as they get it. If not, then there is a high probability they will not read it at all. Basically, your newsletter literally screams “READ ME NOW”. Not “read it later and then totally forget it”. So, give them a reason to open it in the moment you sent it to them.


  1. Consider all the devices

Now people prefer to browse the internet via their mobile devices. That is mean, most of the time they use their mobile device to read e-mails too. Basically, almost 53% of emails are now being read via mobile devices. They said this number will keep rising. This is mean, now it becomes even more important for you to implement the responsive design into your E-commerce email marketing strategy.

So, what is responsive design? Responsive design is a kind of design which can adapt itself to any devices that are being used to see your email.  It does not matter whether in real life your customers see your email via tablet, laptop, PC or smartphones, the user experiences need to be consistent.


  1. Establish trust

You need to be consistent with your newsletter so your customers always know what to expect everytime they receive your email. Of course, that does not mean you can not add more varieties and be as creative as possible with your newsletter. In fact, I encourage you to become creative!


The main point here is, make sure to never make your customers feel like you tricked them. Do not use “click bait” title and subject to trick them to read your newsletter. So, you need to ensure your customers you are a person whom they can trust and they will treat you as an authority on your subject.


  1. Leverage your data

There are so many ways to use email for E-commerce marketing purposes. One of the most effective ways is to leverage the data you collected from your customer’s behaviors. For example, when your customer already put some items in their shopping cart, but then abandon it for an unknown reason. When this happen, the system will send an email to re-engage her or him.

If he or she still does not return, then you can keep him or her in your lead nurturing campaign to convert him or her slowly.

  1. Focus and write for your audience

You are probably an expert in your field, but it will not be the same for your customers. That is mean, you need to explain things in a way where public can understand. As an expert, it is normal if you already get used with all hard industrial terms, and sometimes you forget that the others may do not have the same understanding level as you are.


So, make sure to always proof-read your newsletters before you click the “send” button.

  1. Make it personal

Make your email personal is one of the most effective and easiest ways to get more attentions from your customers. Your emails are not the only ones exist in their mailbox, so if you are unable to make your emails stand out, there is a little chance for them to read your emails.

Personalized email can help make a big difference for your sale, from attracts new prospect to convince them to click your order.


  1. Keep it short and simple

Most people simply do not have hours to read all their emails. So, you need to keep your newsletter short and simple. Make sure the readers will be able to get a gist of all important information with just a little peek. Do not write long and useless information if you can.


There are many companies out there who decided to do it in a “grand” way when they created their very first newsletter. They fill the newsletter with 10 different articles at once with more than thousand words.

But when the times to create a second newsletter comes, they probably run out of ideas already, because they used most of them for the first newsletter. This second newsletter will look too different than the first one, so they will decide to put it off until they get new fresh ideas to put into the newsletter.

After a month or more passed, they will totally forget about it. Even if you have many ideas in your mind for the newsletter, you do not need to  put all of them at once. Keep the rest for your next newsletter. There is no need to rush things. That way, you will not get a writer’s block problem and can publish your newsletter on the regular basis.


  1. Automate it

Yes, you can set your newsletter to automatic so you would be able to keep nurturing leads with your email marketing campaign. This way you can stay in contact and send targeted content to different customer lists. You may want to consider to automate as many interactions as you can. There are several ways to use marketing automation system, such as :

  • Reminders based on the customer’s search history.
  • Shopping cart reminders.
  • Cross-sell emails.

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