Mobile Ticketing: Travel to the Edge of the World

Mobile Ticketing: Travel to the Edge of the World


14 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Mobile Ticketing: When people need a vacation

Travel and you can see the new face of the world: the culture, language, food, people around the city, and many more. Thanks to the internet now we don’t have to go to the train station, airport, and harbor. We access our smartphone, open the travel app, book a ticket, and we can download the ticket right away. Whether you print the ticket or not, it’s all up to you. These days, mobile ticketing makes a big difference to book a flight, train, or hotel for a vacation.

Instagram as the source of envy

vacation in a beach
Showing off your feet with beautiful beach background or upload a mountain landscape in the middle of a holiday is part of Instagram life. We tend to see a lot of things from a different perspective, especially in holiday matters. Instagram is boosting the trip ticket to make a good Instagram feed and get more likes. But it happens. Some people will envy others if they don’t like a nice holiday photo to post. And that could be an opportunity to run this kind of business.


google flight mobile ticketing
Let’s say you are in South East Asia and want to Europe. And you don’t have time to book a room in a somewhat four-star hotel. Well, now even Google also has its own traveling technology. When you search hotel or an iconic place in a city, you will find all recommendations you can get in one search. You can also filter the price, compare the first hotel with another one, or even call the hotel to ask for more information.

Mobile App and Website Development

There are two types of online ticketing: using a mobile app or website or even both of them. But since we are talking about mobile ticketing, let’s talk about the mobile app instead.

What will you need then?

Aside from mobile app development, you will need other aspects like a ticketing system with an airline, train station system, and payment method. Actually, mobile ticketing development is not just that. There is more in app development. Even if you’ve uploaded your app to the app store, you will still need consistent maintenance to make sure there is no major bug in your new app.

Connection with Online Ticketing System

You will need a ticketing system for every credible airline. You can add online ticketing for a train as well. I think those two are the most used ones when it comes to traveling and vacation. The developer will program the API, interface, and other technical stuff.
wing of airplane
The API will integrate your customer’s order with the airline’s server. If there is the remaining ticket, it will be automatically updated to your customer’s phone. It’s like ordering some food in the restaurant. You sit there, the waiter (as API) will give you the menu, you order the menu, the waiter will bring the menu to the chef (as airline’s server), and the chef will send back the food (which means a ticket for your trip). You pay it right away, and then you can enjoy your trip. Just in case if you need more tickets or want to order something else, you can check the app, and it will serve what you need the most.

Payment Method

There is a different kind of method in a different country. Not every country is cashless and uses a credit card. For example, you will rarely see people using cash in Korea. Mostly they will use a credit card to pay the bills. But in my country, Indonesia, we still use cash for daily needs. Although we start to become a cashless society, just a small percent of Indonesians have credit cards. People still use manual bank transfers to purchase a product in an online store.
There is also an online payment gateway like PayPal, Stripe, and other platforms with a service to manage the customer’s payment. Starting a mobile ticket will need a payment method that fits the user. Make sure to do a little research before deploying a payment method to your app.

Guarantee the Security

Not just securing the payment process, you also need to protect customer data and privacy. Hackers want to steal their data, and all you need to do is protect it. That promise could help you to build a better relationship with customers and probably make them loyal.

No Additional Charge

This one is additional advice but also important. Charging your customer with an unexpected fee is troublesome. There’s a high chance that your customer will cancel the checkout process and find another mobile ticketing app to book theirs. So, make sure.
And there is more feature you can deploy like QR Code generator, price comparison, reschedule a flight ticket, and many more. It depends on you and your customer needs.

Final Thought

As time goes by, mobile ticketing will get more players since we tend to have more trips and holidays. Even in daily life, some people will still need to book a train ticket for work. And it would be more helpful if we can use online money and book a train online from our phone. Easier, faster, and probably cheaper.
If you have to think about it, let’s discuss the business plan with our experts and get your new ticketing app. Drop us a line for a better explanation. Let’s discuss more topics in the next article. See ya!

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