Mobile Web App, Is It Safe to Use?

Mobile Web App, Is It Safe to Use?


24 July 2018

By limenotlemon

What is a Mobile Web App?

The explanation is quite simple, after all. We called it an app because it works like a native app that you can find on Apple and Android devices. But since it will only work on your mobile browser, that’s why it’s called a mobile web app. I think this is a new innovation to bring an app-like experience by using a site address and a browser.
It’s not just deploying a responsive theme or template to your website. The responsive design just used to create an adaptive interface. You don’t need to be worried about the structure of your website. It will follow the screen size correctly (as long as it’s coded correctly too).

Why Someone Needs Mobile Web App?

Is It Safe?

mobile security
If you want to get a fresh, delightful fish, then you need a good container to bring the fish in any condition. That’s applied to a web app as well. You will need a good container that could keep you from harm and fraud. Since we already know that hacking and fraud are getting bigger in this digital era. Safety is one of the top priorities to make a mobile web app.
As is said in the title, we should care about what we use. Especially for our data and privacy. In an e-commerce business, security is quite important because you will need to protect the cash flow and the whole transaction that runs every single day. Moreover, the mobile web app looks like an app, but still, basically, it’s a website that has an app interface. So, we could say that to protect it, we should do what we do like other websites.
mobile web app brief
The development of HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript are quite formidable, and it makes the mobile web app gain more possibilities to become like a native app. And also, you will find an ‘HTTPS’ to ensure your safety when browsing the mobile web app.

More Improvements

Progressive Web App

Since it’s made for every browser in almost all mobile phones, it’s quite reachable than the native one. I think the developer will create it much lighter than doing the installation to your phone for every app. Also, you can access it anywhere with a full integration system. Therefore, you don’t have to worry if you access the app on another phone. You will get the exact same thing. Synced in real-time.


There are several mobile apps that use the ‘lite’ term to create a simple, yet dedicated app for people who want a way simpler interface than the main one. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about internet data. It also loads faster than the main app.
For example, you can find big corporates like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn that have built a lite mobile web app for their users. Even Facebook, Linked In, and YouTube also create native apps that will be useful for people who have a low connection internet or less data package. If your market needs that, then it could be a huge opportunity to build a mobile web app for yourself.

Closing Thought

Above all, a mobile web app is only an alternative. The point is we can still use apps that people developed by using a browser. We don’t have to download it. It’s simple, easy to use, mobile-friendly, data-friendly, and the most important thing is it’s safe to be accessed.

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