Online Ticketing: More Than Traveling

Online Ticketing: More Than Traveling


15 November 2018

By limenotlemon

Online Ticketing

After we talked about mobile ticketing for traveling yesterday, let’s talk about online ticketing and a wider perspective. Back in my latest article, we’ve talked about a plane ticket, train ticket, and booking a hotel for a trip. But for now, the online ticket is more than that.

The Gate of Entertainment

A cashless society tends to buy something online as well, including a ticket. Whether you want to watch a movie or attend a concert, online ticketing could be a solution for opening the gate of entertainment. Increasing your revenue consistently.
But if you are just using a ticket booth, it would be a waste of time. For example, let’s say you want to watch a concert. But the only way to buy the ticket is by coming to a ticket booth and book the ticket there. The ticket booth is limited, so there are only 5 booths. In 8 hours of work, 1 ticket booth could only sell 200 tickets. So, you will sell 1000 tickets each day.
ticket booth
But if you use the online ticketing system, you can sell more than 1000 tickets per day. Perhaps if you sell 50.000 tickets, you could sell them in a day or even an hour. Yep, it’s your superpower.


According to HowStuffWorks, Guns N’ Roses played the first official “ticketless” concert in London in June 2006. Former Black Eyed Peas frontwoman Fergie sells absolutely no paper tickets to her 2007 Verizon Communications VIP Tour.
And now we live in 2018 where a lot of QR Code is being generated by cashless society. We don’t need any more paper to produce the ticket. Even if you want to buy a coffee, you can scan a QR Code to pay for it. So it’s effective enough for us.


movie ticket
In my country, if you use an online ticketing system to watch a movie, you still need a paper ticket to enter the cinema. For me, the point of online ticketing is to make you buy tickets faster and easier. If, in the end, you still need to print your ticket to join the event, I think it would be fine. Paper ticket still has some value, just like a photo film that we keep for a physical album. Sometimes we also want to keep the paper ticket as a memorable object. Especially if the event is worthy enough to be remembered, still, for efficiency, we should use the online ticket from your mobile.


Who doesn’t sport? I think so many people like sport. Even if someone doesn’t like sport, there is still a chance that he or she could be invited to attend a sporting event. Since watching sport in a real stadium and TV is absolutely different. The atmosphere when watching live in the stadium is totally lit up. You can’t just watch silently. Instead, you will be cheering your favorite team along with other supporters.

Advantages of Paperless Ticket

A paperless ticket won’t hurt. Instead, you will get a lot of advantages when using a paperless ticket.

Payment Process

The greatness of online ticketing is you can update it in live time. Like my analogy in the last article, we can order food, ask the waiter, send the order to the chef, and send the food back to the customer. But what if there is more than one customer who orders the food at the same time? It will be a catastrophe if two or more people sit on the same spot.
online ticketing
Fear not, my friend. Online ticketing has its own solution to this problem. For example, if you want to book one spot in a movie theatre, you will be redirected to the checkout page to reconsider the whole invoice after you pick the desired chair. At this time, the chair will remain booked for a specific amount of time. Let’s say it’s 15 minutes until you’ve made your purchase. But if you want to cancel it, you just need to click “Cancel,” and you will be logged out from the checkout page. After that, the server will update the chair, and another person could take your place.


When using a paperless ticket, you can get a specific ticket with a barcode or QR Code. You can also add a phone number or a photo to make sure it’s just for you. And if you enter the concert gate, the security will easily recognize you and your ticket. The company side and customer will be secured nicely.

Decreasing Operating Costs

Online ticketing is also decreasing operating costs. Like what we discussed earlier, the customer could easily download the ticket, and they don’t have to be in a queue. You also don’t need to open a lot of ticket booths.
When the customer accidentally deleted the ticket, it could easily be replaced with a new one. The customer needs to open the app and redownload the ticket. No more paper to reprint the ticket. It’s super-efficient.


Long story short, you can start to run a business with this kind of model. Online ticketing could be bigger in the future. People will use a smartphone or even an AR (Augmented Reality) device to book a ticket. So, it’s better to start now with us.

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