How Personal Blog Could Help E-Commerce Site

How Personal Blog Could Help E-Commerce Site


08 June 2018

By limenotlemon

A personal blog is a private site for someone who likes to write, post, and share almost all the things that cross to mind. For example, if you want to post your first abroad trip with your family, you could just open your laptop or phone, type your stories, add a location, photos or even videos, and post it right away.
But for now, there are two ways to make money from a personal blog. First, you come up with ideas, post it on your blog, and get money from your views or pay-per-click procedure. Second, you endorse one or two products, post how you feel about this product, and gain money from the company that endorses you and your blog. Let’s focus on the personal blog that helps e-commerce site.
This blog is personal, yet it’s kind of professional blog as well. Although it looks professional, it still has the personal touch in it. Mostly, besides your good contents, you will need to create a good marketing strategy if you want to be a popular blogger. But if you have no chance doing something like that, then you can try endorsing some bloggers

Types of Personal Blog

Back in the early 2000s, we just know some blog platform like Blogger and WordPress, but these days, you can choose whatever social media platforms to make a personal blog. Instagram, Path, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, and the one that used micro-blogging feature, Twitter. Although Twitter now more focused on shifting their brand to become a new platform, people still see this media as their social interaction platform. And it’s still keeping its pace in the race with other social media like Instagram and Snapchat.
Since it will take time if you want to make yourself famous by creating a blog, you need other people who still have the chance of promoting your product to people. You can try endorsing a famous celebrity if you want. But instead of spending a lot of money with the celebrity, you can just hire some micro-influencers and make them do the promotion for you.
How Personal Blog Could Help E-Commerce Site
Let’s just focus on one of the most famous platforms that used as a personal blog, Instagram. In Instagram, we need to become a business account to build a personal blog. And there are a lot of insights you can get when choosing to become a business account. Demography, sociography, and how people see your posts will provide by Instagram statistically. And since Instagram would help you a lot, all you need to do now is finding the right influencer for your brand and product.

Celebrity Endorsement or Micro Influencer?

How Personal Blog Could Help E-Commerce Site
There is no exact answer, we should call it ‘It depends’. It depends on how your market behaves, how much money do you have, and how much you should pay if you want to endorse someone or some people for your new product or company. Also, you need to consider what small or medium store could do in endorsement strategy.

Local Influencer

Either you are targeting local or global market, still, the fittest influencer is the local ones. It’s more effective and efficient because it could directly tell the people what kind of product they should use. And more importantly, although you have to hire a lot of personality in this one, yet it cost less than partnering with a super popular celebrity.

Follower and Subscriber

Gaining followers or subscribers is important. But there is one vital thing you should consider. You should make sure that the followers could be your prospective customer in the future. You can consider this by finding a blogger who related to your product. For example, if the product is food, you can find a popular food blogger. I think it’s more effective than just endorsing a popular blogger but has no relation to the food industry.
According to Pixlee, the reason consumers trust influencers is because they view them as authentic sources of information. Therefore, the more sponsored content an influencer posts, the more their status is diluted. Essentially, you want your influencer to look authentic, not promotional, or else they lose their value. Influencers in crowded verticals may work with many brands and products. But the best ones do this discreetly. Genuine mention of a brand may be subtle, but it is much harder hitting for validating your products to prospective customers.  Continue to keep this in mind once you are ready to leverage your influencers, even if you are the only brand that your influencer works with, soft promotional touches drive the best results.

Good Quality Content

How Personal Blog Could Help E-Commerce Site
Simply, if the content is bad, there will be no audience gained. Make sure that the blog is still his or her personal space, has significant influence for your prospective customer and could give a professional review about the endorsement product.
For example, if you are partnering with an Instagram influencer, you can try to create a professional-look photo or video and make a special caption for it. Don’t just use a simple quote like any other marketing promos. Try to use a story that still related to the blogger and its personal blog to make a big impact.

Tell A Story

As I said, your blogger should tell a story. Storytelling is a powerful weapon that brings emotion and insight to anyone who is perspective enough. And the personal blog is the most suited platform to create a simple, yet powerful story. The story won’t bore your audience and last longer in their mind.


A personal blog is an impactful tool for anyone who wants to elevate the popularity of their brand and product. To make sure that the personal blog is effective, you should do some research about a blogger that has a significant influence on your prospective customer. Local influencer would be more efficient and effective since it costs low budget but still gain attention and advocation from the local society.
Although it’s kind of professional blog, to make it personal, make sure that the blogger use storytelling to gain the customer’s attention. The story must look natural, although it’s still promotion.

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