Photography: From Hobby to Business

Photography: From Hobby to Business


29 January 2019

By limenotlemon

Photography in Business

Photography is not new in this modern era. But for now, in the e-commerce industry, we will always need that subject to elevate our business.  Since social media like Instagram, Snapchat, or even Pinterest use images to share stories, the importance to learn photography for our business is mandatory. A photography business will be your next target these days.

Different Variations in Photography

Wedding Photography

Using the best dress and suit, couples find their unique pre-wedding place to get their photos and memories. The photos and memories stay. Even after the couple have married. This momentum could be a business as well. Especially for a photographer.
After celebrities, royals, and influencers give a ‘standard’ for a wedding ceremony, commoners who stalk their social media profile want to make that kind of wedding as well. A really great opportunity if you have a hobby in photography, you can surely turn that into a business.

Baby and Maternity

maternity photography
Even for now, for the sake of Instagram, people also want to keep their moment when having a baby. Maternity, birth process, and baby photography are also good opportunities to build your business in photography.
Another choice for you is to take a picture of a baby product. As a photographer, you can use your skill to take a picture of baby products. If necessary, you can also build a specific studio to support the process. If the maternity is just taking a picture of the mother. I think baby photography is harder. Especially if you take the shot for 5 years old kid. You should get more toys in your studio to keep him/her play. Well, I think there are always the best and the worst parts of every object of photography.

Food and Product Photography

The difference between ordinary products and cuisine is sustainability. Cuisine or food can be expired faster than ordinary products. That’s why you need to capture this moment faster. You have to maintain the beauty of the food itself while finding the best angle, lighting, and other aspects of it
I will explain more about those topics above in other articles. So, for now, let’s focus on the next explanation.

Photography Equipment

Not just the photography itself, the chance for you to sell photography equipment also could be a good business. Make e-commerce that sells the equipment. Whether you will sell it to ordinary people or professional, you can choose whatever that fits your business model.

Comprehensive Promotion in Social Media

Since we talk about photography, we won’t talk about Boomerang from Instagram, filter feature, or anything related to videography. So, even you use Instagram’s feed or Instagram Stories, only focus on images and photography.
In social media like Instagram, everyone can take a picture, edit it, and post it right away. That’s why the skill is necessary. To make it stunning, enticing, and professional promotion, you should make a concept for every image. Not just randomly post a picture in your feed and wait for the response.
After you have the product, make a concept of your promotion. Start brainstorming and find the idea that fits the most to your customer. After that, take the picture, obviously. Find the best angle, lighting, and more. Post it in the best moment. The best moment means that your customers are actively exploring their Instagram feed. You just need to find this best moment from Insight. That way, you can get the best result of your comprehensive promotion.

Build Website, Build Portfolio

After all those images, we should celebrate and share our experiences in a professional way. To make it spread wider, you can use a website for your photography to support the business. Personally, I prefer to see and analyze the result of the photography in one place. Make it more effective yet efficient.
And since that could help your business, now you just need to find the developer of your website. For the website itself, you will need at least a clean and simple homepage that shows you’re the most favorite and best images you ever take.
So, let’s see if you can upgrade how you approach your client.
Ah yes, I will talk about the sub-topic of this article later. See you later.

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