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Collete & Lola, a cakes and dreams studio by Ismaya Group. This company’s concept inspired by the tale of two French sisters who are so much alike and yet so different. Each unique in their own way but share similar passion-exquisite cake. Their cakes are proudly handmade in Jakarta by cake lovers and enthusiasts.

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While both sisters are witty and fun, one loves sweet rich flavors, while the other light and sour. They complement one another and share the same dreams filled with delicious adventures. They came to us with several problems on their live website. We need to fix those problems fast, while at the same time ensure the website will not down in the process.

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  • Bug in Data Processing They have a couple of problem on their product pages, like how the customers unable to add the products they want to buy into the cart. This is surely a severe problem, especially because Christmas and New Year will come shortly, where they supposed to get a bunch of order for those seasons.
  • Back Up Data In order to ensure the site will not down while we are fixing the bugs, we create a data backup, prepare an environment to fix and test the bug, and then deploy it to their real website in order to prevent downtime. 

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