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Galaxy Camera


Galaxy Camera is a popular camera equipment store in Indonesia. From 2014 to 2020, Galaxy Camera has four physical stores in West Java and is still growing. Including the online store to reach more markets across the country. Our client already has an ecommerce website to expand their business, but there are some features that need to be added on the website. They want to promote their products on their Facebook page, integrate a new payment system from Midtrans, and improve the search engine on their website.


Facebook Extension

We are using two kinds of Facebook Extension from Apptrian. The first one is Facebook Catalog Product Feed and the second is Facebook Pixel. This will help the marketing team from Galaxy Camera to promote their products on their official Facebook page.

Midtrans Integration and Rearrange Checkout Page

We’re using the regular package of Midtrans. Now has three kinds of payment channels from Midtrans, which is Credit Card, Bank Transfer, and GOPAY. We also arrange the address field and disable default bank transfer from Magento. Using Midtrans’ Bank Transfer as the only payment method.

Shipping Method (Rajaongkir)

To make shipment easier, we also install the Lime Courier module to add three shipping methods, which is SiCepat, JNE, and J&T on the Galaxy Camera’s website.

Sphinx Extension

The indexing system of Galaxy Camera is a bit off. To make it better, we use Sphinx Search Extension from Mirasvit to give a detailed search result and now customer can find their preferred products faster than before.

Optimize Website Speed and Loading Content

These days, people only have a very short focus-span on the internet. Maybe we only spend around 10 seconds on a website and if it’s not too long to be loaded, we will jump to another site. Since the website is a bit slow to be loaded, we also optimize the website speed and loading content. Now the website is running faster and customer could get their photography equipment right away.