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Improvements of a fashion e-commerce website for Lee Cooper Indonesia

​In 1908, Lee Cooper was one of the first fashion brands in Europe. It was successfully establishing its iconic status as the Original British Denim brand. These days, Lee Cooper already has hundreds of branches spread in 85 countries worldwide, including Indonesia.

Lee Cooper Website


As a famous and well-established brand, Lee Coopers still tried to catch up with fashion trends and innovations, elevate youth culture, and stay relevant with technology trends. One of their efforts is to create an e-commerce website to allow customers to buy products online.

But, they found the problem within their e-commerce website. That’s why Lee Cooper Indonesia came to Limecommerce to solve their website issues and create more features for their customers. They want us to develop a new payment method, solve RAM issues and develop more shipping methods.

Lee Cooper Website


Develop a New Payment Method
The demand to get the fastest and most complete payment method is increasing. Lee Cooper Indonesia thinks they would need a faster yet easier way for their customers. That’s why they want to use Midtrans as their new payment method. They asked us to develop the payment method right away. And voila! Now they have Credit Card methods, Bank Transfers, Direct Debit, and GO-PAY.

Solving RAM Issue
Unfortunately, while doing well in selling, the website has been down several times, and it needs to fix soon. After some observations and identification, our developers found that the RAM cannot hold all the e-commerce processes. To solve that, the Limecommerce team and Lee Cooper Indonesia agreed to add more RAM and minimize unnecessary background processes to make the system more efficient. And now, the web is live! No downtime and ready to get more revenue.

Lee Cooper Website
Developing More Shipping Methods
When was the last time you bought something online? Was it yesterday? Last week? Or maybe Last month? How long have you waited for your product to reach your home? In a day? Three days? More than that? That’s the real question. Lee Cooper Indonesia needs to improve its shipping method and system. Otherwise, the old shipping system will just make them slower.
Hence, they want us to create a new shipping method. We started developing the local shipping methods the customers have used in Indonesia. Lee Cooper Indonesia picked JNE as their option to speed up the shipping system. As ordered, now they have it.

Lee Cooper Website

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