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The Migrating Journey to the Magento 2 of MASARISHOP





The migration of a luxury fashion e-commerce website from Magento 1 to Magento 2 for MASARISHOP

​​MASARISHOP.COM is a high-end branded luxury fashion e-commerce established in 2017. It provides high-end curated fashion with over 100 emergings and established designers worldwide. MASARISHOP.COM ships across Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia (including a same-day delivery option to Jakarta) with personalized customer service and style advice.

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It’s a big company and still thriving to make more branches in the global competitive landscape. To make their website more secure and sophisticated, our client wants to upgrade their Magento version from Magento 1 to the latest Magento 2. We also need to migrate their data from the old server to the new one.
They also want to customize the payment method to increase the conversion rate. Our client also wants to give local and international shipping options popular among their loyal customers.

Masari Shop Website


Magento Audit
In the first phase of cooperation, we conducted an audit of the Magento1 platform on which MASARISHOP was based. After analysis, we suggested that the client update the latest version and remove the Magento 1 code so that the new system is efficient and works according to e-commerce best practices.

Migration to Magento 2
For the first development, we’ve upgraded MASARISHOP into the latest version of Magento. The upgrade will make the website more secure and manageable since Magento no longer supports its platform’s first version. We transferred the entire system and such elements as customer data, orders, products, etc. The challenge was to delve into the intricacies of the previous version system, which had many bugs.
We have planned the migration process during the XXXXX to not interfere with the shopping access for XXXX customers. The migration went smoothly, and the new version of the store was up and running within XXXX hours. Thanks to that, our client could fully realize its business goals.

Payment Method Improvement
The biggest challenge is Core Midtrans Integration because they want to make their website more sophisticated and distinct from other fashion websites. Instead of using SNAP from Midtrans, they want to customize a checkout page that includes a Credit Card and Virtual Account payment methods.
Masari Shop Website

Shipping Method Enhancements
MASARISHOP knows better than anyone to reach a wider audience and customers; they should upgrade their shipping methods. They want to serve both local and global customers. So we added shipping methods from our Lime Courier module that will be useful for local and international customers.
The shipping price is already in the database and automatically updated to the most recent shipping prices. After all those tasks, we also give some minor maintenance and improvement for the website. If they want to make more specific features. Maybe, it will be your challenge that we will get done shortly.

Masari Shop Website

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