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Challenge is a lifestyle ecommerce site in Indonesia. Their products cover several areas, specializes in sports products. Their main products sold today are their own Mekanuma brand, sports products designed to provide exceptional experience and comfort to its users. After they found a lot of problems with the old site’s functionality and scalability, they asked us to revamp their website, and building the system appropriately so it would be easy to scale in the future.

Mekanuma Order Tracking


Custom Theme Design
We customize the available theme to match their brand’s personality and theme color. Mekanuma chooses the classic black and white colors with a simple layout. This simple design is able to bring out their products even more.
Mekanuma Website
Custom Payment Method
In order to make their payment process becomes easier and secure, we integrated their Magento site with a payment gateway, so customers who shop in their online store can either do the payment with credit cards or bank transfer payment.
Mekanuma Website Payment
Order Delivery Tracking
In many cases, customers always want to know when their goods will arrive. So, to fulfill that needs, we connect the website with 3rd party system to track item delivery process by the couriers. We created an “Order Tracking” page on the website where customers can put their orders numbers and emails to track their item delivery process.
Mekanuma Order Tracking

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