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Nihomart is a cosmetic and make up store that was found to fulfill the needs and demands of the beauty people. Nihonmart wants to make special and the best quality products for its customers. There are three big issues that we need to solve. The first is Nihonmart wants to use Midtrans, Kredivo, and Bank Transfer as their payment methods. They also want to make a credit card whitelist feature as part of their promotional program. And finally they want to upgrade their interface by using Special Discount feature to increase their sales.


Use Midtrans, Kredivo, and Bank Transfer as its payment methods
Midtrans is one of the most famous payment methods in Indonesia. But developing it won’t be enough. That’s why Nihonmart also needs Kredivo and Bank Transfer since Indonesian mostly use bank transfer as their main payment method and rarely use a credit card. Hence, these three methods will be needed to cover all kinds of customers.
Nihonmart Website
Credit Card Whitelist Feature
As we said before, since Indonesian rarely use credit card as their payment method, we will need to configure the best way to attract specific market. Nihonmart wants to use the whitelist feature of Midtrans. That way, Nihonmart can uses a promotional program for specific credit card users.
Nihonmart Website
Special Discount Feature
One of the most common promotional methods is by using a discount feature. But how you do it should be the question. We want to make it simple but powerful. That’s why we use the magento extension to add the discounted price for the shipping method. Yes, not just for the product, we also add the discount for the shipping methods. Nihonmart believes it will increase their revenue.
Nihonmart Website

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