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Mobile App

SESA is an e-commerce platform founded in 2017 that focuses on providing complete daily needs for a healthy lifestyle.
The website aimed to bring the shopping experience for everyday nutritional needs more convenient with a safe and secure transaction guarantee. So, if you are concerned about or living a healthful life transformation, Sesa is your happy place.

Mandjur Website

Project Story

SESA wanted to create Android and iOS-based apps which allows the customer to make an order through mobile phones. The most challenging we faced was building apps with an API system so that what is changed on the website will be updated automatically in the apps.

How We Did It

We implemented Android and iOS apps in 1 platform framework using Flutter. It means time-efficient and money-saving for SESA. These apps make purchasing decisions more straightforward and quicker.

Mandjur Website
Mandjur Website
Mandjur Website

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