QR Code in E-Commerce Industry

QR Code in E-Commerce Industry


31 August 2018

By limenotlemon

QR Code

“QR Code? Is that something you can eat?”
Absolutely no. QR Code is some dots arranged into a square and holds a lot of information. You can keep your photos, contact, website URL, social media account, and other specific data and information.

Mini History

Before QR Code, there is another matrix code like barcode or matrix barcode in the market. It will hold the price, stock, and other product information. The barcode will make shopping way easier and faster than entering couples of codes to the computer. All you need is scanning the code and it will be counted automatically.
On the other hand, QR Code doesn’t use in market or retail industry in the first place. It was in Japan, where they used this code in the automotive industry where people want to run the production much faster by using a camera or the code scanner and the QR code itself. The QR Code contains information such as model, construction date, and other aspects.
For instance, if you have some snack or a toothpaste nearby, you can find a barcode that holds some information as well. But QR Code is a bit different with a barcode. While you use horizontal scanning on the barcode, you can do both horizontal and vertical scanning for QR code. Since the name is Quick Response, then it was built to boost your progress much faster. According to Wikipedia, the QR code system was invented in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave. Its purpose was to track vehicles during manufacturing; it was designed to allow high-speed component scanning.
Also, you can store up to 7,089 numbers as opposed to a 1D barcode’s capacity of 30. Basically, it would be enough to bring any kind of special promotion to all customer.

QR Code in E-Commerce Industry

Special Marketing Tactic

After that invention, this code becomes more popular and touch the e-commerce ground. Especially in marketing strategy. We always see some QR code in an advertisement, whether from our computer’s monitor or from printed media. It contains the special link that will redirect the customer to new promotion program or they can get a free special coupon that could be used on the next purchase.

Advantage and Disadvantage

As I told you before, the QR code needs to be scanned by the customer. If the customer doesn’t have the scanner or do not want to scan it, then it would be useless. Therefore, I think you can try these two options to catch their attention and make them scan your special code.
Remember to not put the code on everything you have. The special thing will become ordinary if you use it too many times. Instead of using it for every promotion, you can try to generate and stick it on a special event like New Year, Christmas or anything particular.

QR Code Generator and Scanner

There are several free generators on the internet. Simply search it and you can try one of them (or perhaps try more than one). One website that provides a free-of-charge code generator is GOQR. Remember to notice the charge. Your marketing program should be more efficient, right?
scan qrcode
For the scanner, I think almost all smartphone nowadays has it. And if you don’t find any, simply download a free code scanner from Google Play or Apple Store. As long as your customer has an internet connection, no need to worry.

Track and Analyze Performance

Another part of the story is when the customer couldn’t scan the code. If this happens, then you will need to prepare more trials before you publish it to your customer. Make sure to scan it several times before the deadline.
After that, you can track and analyze the performance of your code. If you attached a website URL, you will need to watch and analyze your website traffic regularly. Or if you attached a coupon, count how many coupons that the customer used for a week or month. It depends on your schedule as well.
qrcode scaning
Moreover, all these analysis reports could be used as your next marketing program. Is QR Code effective and efficient enough to reach your customer and make them purchase more? Or you should come up with a new idea, develop it more often and rearrange your marketing program? You will know when you try it first.

Final Thought

After that invention from Denso Wave, we take a higher step in the e-commerce industry. A method to simplify our process and gain more revenue from it. Take your part and create your special marketing strategy. You can try it the strategy with us.

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