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Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO service package consist of the following:

1. Keyword Analysis

Each keyword has different value. We will do analysis of the needed keywords.

We split and identify your keywords into two kind of keywords:

      1. Traffic Keywords
        • This is the keyword that will bring you traffic, but it may not mean much in terms of sales. This kind of keyword is important to get people to know your website more.
      2. Money Keywords
        • This is the keyword that will more likely to bring you sales.
        • We also recommend you try to run some PPC Ads (Google Adwords) here.


2. User Experience Improvement

We point problems in your website regarding SEO. This includes page title analysis, and missing contents regarding your site, avoiding duplicate contents, and many more.


3. Three months strategy Master Plan

The masterplan lays out everything that we will do to improve your SEO positions. We will also be transparent about the whole process, so you will know exactly what we do to increase your rank.


We give no guarantee about your ranking on Google, as SEO takes time, and will depends on Google. We will work on increasing your rank, but it is up to Google to notice that and rank your website well. Our methods are Google approved, we do not cheat the system, and you can be sure our efforts will be a long term asset to bring traffic to your business even after you no longer uses our services.


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