Creating Serial Content for E-Commerce Ads

Creating Serial Content for E-Commerce Ads


25 September 2018

By limenotlemon

Since long ago an E-Commerce Ads, we already know about soap operas, episodic short movies, and now we are in the era of tv series. People spend their time subscribing a streaming media like Netflix that has hundreds of titles in it. Anyone can access it as long as they pay the price. But what if you don’t go with a digital distribution platform? What if you run an e-commerce website? Is it possible to create serial content that could make your customer think and feel your product? Let’s discuss more.

Why Serial Content?

Let’s talk about serial content first. Just like what I told you, serial content use repeating, episodic story that shares a single core value after you finished all the chapters. The most important thing about serial content is the story value inside it. The story engages the customer to read or watch more after the first content. It could also be addictive if your plan is good enough.
But remember, before you start all this serial stuff, you shouldn’t just use a serial content as your main content. It could be something else. And it must be something else. Remember that the customer also has a boring point. Keeping your serial content in your homepage will decrease the chance to gather more customer. So, make sure you can make it as special as the first one.

Long-Long Man Commercial from Japan

Who doesn’t know bubble gum? I think everyone who lives in the city will know this kind of candy. But someone has a nice idea to use serial content as the media to advertise the bubble gum. We have Long-Long Man commercial that use a short video to advertise their product.
long long man
If you ever watch Long-Long Man, a gummy ad from Japan that has millions of views on YouTube. It’s about a simple triangle love story and has a plot twist in the end. But every episode showing a man eat the gummy product and it has a catchphrase “Long-Long Maaaaaaaaaaannn” as the background music.
This is a perfect example for someone who wants to create an engaging content. Even a love story could be a commercial for a simple gummy. We know that all gummy is sweet and sticky. But it will be different if it’s included in the love story.
After that Long-Long Man story, how about your e-commerce website? Let’s talk about it in the next subject.

Drive Customer’s Curiosity

Serial content with a cliffhanger ending will suit your advertisement. The point of serial content is making a simple content that still has a connection with the next one. For that, you will need a sparkle of mystery as the ending of your content and mention “to be continued” in the last scene.

Loyal Customer

agreement for loyal customer
According to CrowdContent, the ability to break content down into bite-sized morsels and parse them out over a longer period of time, when used correctly, is an excellent way to keep the reader engaged and hanging on. If your first serial is well-made, then you can start the next serial content. It’s possible for the customer to ask more. Create a serial content so that your customer could visit your e-commerce website for more.

Include Another Strategy

Just like Long-Long Man commercial, you can use the opportunity to explain your new product indirectly by using this serial content. Still, your e-commerce website should the last landing-page after all the serial content. Use another strategy like a teaser, trailer, banner, and anything that could lift up your content. It can’t stand alone.

How to Create Serial Content

Mark the Whole Story

I think you will need to write the whole script and split it up. As I told you before, the story should drive your customer’s curiosity. Therefore, make sure you can show a cliff-hanger ending as the bait to make the customer comes back to your website.

Create Schedule

Creating Serial Content for E-Commerce Ads
Mention the episode or chapter of your serial content. Just like when you do “Netflix and chill”, the platform always show all episodes. But if Netflix is presenting all the episodes in one go, I think it doesn’t work on an e-commerce website.

Final Thought

After all this discussion, we can share about your plan to create your own serial content. You can also ask for a development to specifically show your content in your homepage. For example, create a particular column that only used for the content. So, it would gather customer’s attention first time they visit the website.
For the development part, we can help you create the best solution and feature to elevate your special content. Simply drop us a line if you want to discuss it more.

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