Special Day Strategy for Web Design Company

Special Day Strategy for Web Design Company


09 February 2018

By limenotlemon

If we discuss the e-commerce store last time, how about a web design company? Is this model of business could apply the strategy as well? In my last article, I engage you to discuss this strategy for an e-commerce store (read it here) and now I want to discuss it, yet try to apply it to the web design company. Well, let’s talk more about it in this article.

Change The Design with Web Design Company

The client will mostly get a special price to change their website design from a web design company to make them more loyal (or maybe not). This is, as I said before, to set up short-term and long-term goals. The web design company needs to ponder the whole thing.
For example, for this month, we have Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. Valentine’s Day is related to lovey-dovey stuff and makes the e-commerce store customer give anything as a present for the loved one. But for Chinese New Year, the day means prosperity and fortune. It’s like sending the biggest fortune cookie that will spread happiness to the whole Chinese people and perhaps not just Chinese, but also others who celebrate the day. So you need to make a design that represents the special moment to entice your client’s customers.
Web Design Company freelancer
The hardship comes when every client wants to change their website design in every special moment. You have to change all of their website based on their demand. It will be tough if you don’t have enough time or have a small team that consists of 4-5 individuals. You need to understand everything, set up some meetings, talking about the whole concept, just like the first time you met your client, and listen to their ideas.
If the client wants to do both (Valentine and Chinese New Year) since the special moments occur on the 14th and 16th of February, perhaps pink and red colors will cover the whole website to fuse it into one design. Because, why not? Playing with color is one of the powerful tools to get the customer’s attention.
But if the client doesn’t want to change the whole website and want to change the banner, it’s okay. The most important thing is you have to be ready, and you can ask the client as well, are they want to change when the special moment comes? This is part of your promotion. So ask them out and prepare for battle.

Marketing Content

Website design is not enough; you need to think about marketing as well. Marketing content is the most important here because it depends on the client’s customers. If the client is not aware of their own customer, perhaps we also need to spend some time doing market research.
You can use a sampling method to any prospective segment or even set up an interview with famous people. You can ask the social media influencer as well since society will mostly follow the social media influencer. Endorsement. Yes, that’s the perfect puzzle to complete the special moment. But ask the client first. Maybe they don’t have the money. I think everyone knows money is important, right?

Special Product

Marketing is not only about promotion. The product also takes its role to get the customer. Therefore, you can ask the client to make an additional product or perhaps the main product for people who celebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. For a fashion e-commerce store, you, the web design company, could share advice to your client about a couple of stuff, maybe like a couple of t-shirt, caps, jackets, shoes, and many more. You can also make it for significant others like children, best friends, or even coworkers. So it doesn’t have to be a partner. Know the prospective segment, and you can create something creative!


Well, old but gold. When the customers visit your client’s e-commerce store, you can add one or two or more call-to-action buttons to direct the customers. Especially when the customer only has one day before the special moment. This call-to-action button will be helpful, and the customer will thank the web design company for that.

Email and Social Media Approach

Finally, email and social media marketing are also the best approaches to get people to know about special products. Email and social media are the most used media for the citizen of the world. The perfect product meets the perfect marketing approach. That’s awesome.
But we need to consider one more thing, the client’s DNA. Since every website is different and has to be different, then the client’s DNA is the key to every single design we made.

Client’s DNA

Every client has its own objective and character of their stores. Since it’s not the first time you meet the customer, you already know how the client thinks and what kind of taste they have. As I said before, the Client’s DNA is the core of every design and marketing program. That’s why the web design company should know every detail, calculate all variables, and execute it with style.
Why you the client’s DNA? Since the web design company will get a lot of projects from plenty of customers, you need to make a different kind of web design and marketing strategy. But it will take a lot of time to do it all at once. But I have some tips for you.
First, you can make two or more basic design and marketing programs. Make it as program packages, and your client can choose one of them. It’s way easier, and you can save a lot of time to do something else. Your client also doesn’t have to wait for too long to get a new design and marketing program.
Second, the client also has its right to customize their website. So it would be best if you gave them (limited) freedom to choose whatever they want to edit. Hence, it’s basically a well-made package with a personal touch of the clients. Sounds great?
For next week, I think I will explain about website creator or website maker. I will discuss the preparation of them when they have to build a difficult website. So stay tuned!

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