Web Design Software for Beginner

Web Design Software for Beginner


25 January 2018

By limenotlemon

What about Design?

When it comes to web design, we not only discuss the images, banners, and any drawing stuff but also think about content. Whether it’s content writing, making videos, or photography, sometimes we make background music to improve your website’s enchantment. So it’s based on your concept to entice your visitors.
Maybe if you know about Webtoon (I did talk about this in my previous article if I remember correctly), a website that provides you a new concept to fuse comic and music in one place, since the digital era began widespread, comic lover also starts to read comics on the internet. Naver Corp. read this chance, and finally, they made Naver Webtoon (before acquired and become Line Webtoon). They enliven the comic industry as well as Tapastic, Spittoon, TappyToon, and other comic platforms.
We can learn from this website about the design concept to entice the reader. The music itself did not pick from the famous or ready-to-use music. They made it by themselves and related it to the comic’s concept and story. So it’s very original, unique, and gives a new yet awesome experience when we read a comic.
In short, I want to say that in web design, especially in a custom website, we design from scratch, we develop the whole thing, and we think all the stuff to make the visitor enjoy their time on our website. But for now, we should talk about web design, particularly illustration design.
Illustration design came from raster graphic, or so we called it the bitmap. The tiny squares combined that make an illustration become an illustration is the basis of all illustration design. We do not just give the people all-text website, but also entertaining images.
Since this is important to make a website, we will talk about the web design software, especially for beginners and small businesses that need to learn more to make their customizable website look fascinating.

About Web Design Software

From my last article about the custom website (you can read it here), we all know that since customizable website requires web design skill as well as web design software. Web design software is a tool to help you make a website. A website won’t be intriguing if you don’t put some good graphics to entertain your visitor.
It consists of coding, design, and sometimes have site management feature as well. Well, if you don’t want to learn design or code programs, you can get some templates to decorate your website. This ‘beginner’ means you are ready to learn more, and you want your website to be different.

List for Beginners

Here is the list of web design software.


Perhaps I will be a sinner if I don’t include this market leader as a web design software. Adobe Photoshop is the most famous graphic design software on our lovely Earth. This software provides you with tons of features, whether you are a professional or just a beginner in the design field.
But it’s not free. The official one will let you pay at least $9.99 per month to get all the features. But I don’t want to argue that this software is not useful. It is quite useful since you are a beginner. You can also find some tutorials of Photoshop on Youtube and another website. I won’t talk about this again. Let’s jump to another platform.


This is free and open-source software. Honestly, this is design software that specializes in digital painting and animation purposes. But I think I can give you some idea to make it one of your tools at your disposal. Listen, you can make a website that provides the visitor some little animation. So this basically becomes one of your competitive advantages in your big competition. It doesn’t have to detail. Look at Google Doodle. The market leader and best search engine we have always entertain us on the world’s biggest day. We can see the Google Doodle team’s animation and learn more about what kind of day we are in. This, for me, is one of the best marketing strategies to make Google the best search engine and make people search more via google.com.
And this strategy could also apply to your website. Perhaps you can make the first e-commerce website that serves the customer with some well-made animation to entice, make them stay longer on the website, and manipulate them to revisit your website in the future. Have fun with Krita!


Based on Wikipedia, Adobe DreamWeaver CC is a web design and development application that combines a visual design surface known as Live View and a code editor with standard features such as syntax highlighting, code completion, and code collapsing. More sophisticated features such as real-time syntax checking and code introspection for generating code hints to assist the user in writing code.
Just like Photoshop, Adobe Systems wants you to pay $29.99 per month to get DreamWeaver. But that money is worth it since it has long been regarded as the best web design software. Because you can do design, development, and site management, yes, you can do an IDE or Integrated Development Environment in one software. So try to save your money if you want to try the official one.


Gimp is also a free and open-source software like Krita. But this one is used for image retouching and editing, free-form drawing, converting between different image formats, and more specialized tasks. Mostly, the features are like Photoshop, and you can also learn from the internet. Just choose whatever you fit.


Actually, there is more web design software you could find out there. But I won’t talk about it all here since it will be boring. You should spend more of your time to do the design, not just read my article. But that software above is my recommendation to become the next best web designer and developer.
In my next article, I will talk about professional web design. This is a good topic to discuss after we talk about custom websites and web design software. So stay tuned!

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