Website Design Company: Beginner Client

Website Design Company: Beginner Client


13 February 2018

By limenotlemon


Let’s make things clear. I want to talk here about the client when the website design company is about to make some website for business purposes. Whether it’s a personal website or for a company, as long as it was built for business, then come in and join me to discuss it here.

About The Beginner Client

When they meet any client, the professional will give anything to satisfy the client and make the client love them for a website design company. Even though the client has too many requests, doesn’t understand the business they want to build, or perhaps just an evil client who does inappropriate behavior. It feels like they emerge from the underworld. But we all have to deal with it.
But since that evil client is hard to deal with, I want to discuss the beginner client in this article. A client who still doesn’t know how the website business works, yet they have a passion for making it happen and coming to you to get some backup.
So here is the thing. If you want to know how to deal with beginner clients, you have to know what kind of problems they have. This is important since you should know where you take the first step. You have to know your starting point to make it easier for both the website design company and its client to calculate the next phase.
That’s why I will spell out the problems first, and then the general solution to deal with it. My solution is not specific because it could be developed more by yourself.

Problems and Solution

Client’s Background and DNA

First thing first, you need to ask about the client’s background. Is this their first time to start up a website? Why did they want to start an online business? Their fundamental drive is important because online business nowadays is not that easy. The competition is very rough, like…
“Dude, when you start to jump into this business field, you will face the whole world. Some people will be your partner and walk alongside you, but some other people try to destroy you and your business, literally.”
Website Design Company: Beginner Client
Also, you need their background to clear up your point of view about your client. To make sure whether you could continue this project or just let it go and find another client as your business partner. Since not every company has the perfect resource to fulfill every client’s dream, take the chance measurably.
DNA or the core value of your client’s company and product. In the marketing approach, when it comes to production, you have to find the core product or the core value to help you develop the product design, brand, and positioning.

Business Model

We all know that there are so many types of websites. Let’s take a look! Here is some website:

  • Blogging
  • E-commerce
  • Email
  • Encyclopedia
  • File hosting service
  • Image sharing
  • Microblogging
  • News
  • Online shopping
  • Payment system
  • Photo sharing
  • Search engine
  • Social networking or social media
  • Video sharing

website design
But of course, not every type will be your business model. The client needs to make sure what kind of business model they should take. That’s why we need to know the client’s background and DNA. From there, we can assume and start to develop some options. The website design company also need to guide them until they find what they want.
For example, if they choose to make an e-commerce store, they should know how the e-commerce business model works. The website design company should give some quick lessons and ask the client to keep learning by themselves. You can ask the client to read more about e-commerce on the internet or from books. If you have some time, you can make some tutorial videos about e-commerce stores as well. This could be a competitive advantage for your website design company because you care about the client’s difficulties, even though they are a beginner.

Technical Problem

Website Design Company: Beginner Client
Not everyone knows how a website works. Even the client who wants to start their business by making a website sometimes doesn’t even know what a website is, why they choose a website, or how it works. Well, that’s okay. Honestly, they don’t have to be tech-savvy to start a business. As long as the website design company is professional, they could trust the website design company. They could learn basic web design and development from the internet while the company develops its website.


If the client has a marketing background, you can take a breath and explain how digital marketing works. At least they could connect each lesson to their background and set up their own marketing style.
But if the client doesn’t have anything about marketing at their disposal, you need to work harder. Explain simple stuff like content making and promotion strategy. You could discuss the rest of the website is ready to go live. The client could learn about marketing while we, the website design company, design, and develop the website that they had ordered.


For the website design company, you should consider evaluating your workflow. Therefore, you can see every step you take when you encounter a new client and what kind of service you had given them. Especially if they are a beginner, then you should be more careful when you give you service. All the problems above could become your stepping stone to gain more clients.
Website Design Company: Beginner Client
For a client or e-commerce starter, the most important thing is that you should find and choose the best website design company that could hear all your problems patiently and give you the perfect solution to every problem.
And to all new clients who still don’t find your website design company yet, you can try to hire your own here. You can see our workflow and transparency every time you want. And it will guide you to get you to the next level of website business.
P.S. in my next article, I will explain about that website design company. So stay tuned!

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