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Selling Abroad

Now, you do not need to sail across the ocean just to offer your merchandise to the people who live in different part of the world. With internet and website, you can break the boundaries between countries and offer your product to anyone who interested in buying it.

Multi language feature

Language is one of the main barriers for business owners to be able to spread their wings into the international marketplace. That is why Magento comes with multi language feature. With this feature, you can display your online store in several languages at once.

Fast Access from Any Countries in The World

Our server is located in Singapore, which is set up in a specific way so it can give maximum speed for your Magento store. Your store loading time will stay the same. It is fully accessible from any countries in the world.

Support Payment with Paypal

All of us know that Paypal has become one of the most popular international payment methods. Almost all international online stores use Paypal as their main option for payment method.