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Up to Date Stock

Managing Stock Has Never Been Easier

Magento gives you an easy time when it comes to stock management. The system will automatically reduce stock when an order comes in. For offline order, you can input the data manually into your site, so you can use it as your database for your product’s stock. When there is an out of stock product, you can choose to hide it for the time being until it gets restocked again or keeps it visible with out of stock status, so customers can’t buy it.

Refund Feature

There is always a possibility where your customers ask for their money back. For example, they got a wrong or defective product. If this happens, all you need to do is just record it in your order, and your stock amount will be adjusted based on the amount of returned products.

It’s Easier to Manage Stock Now

Magento comes with a very simple stock management system. To add any product stock in your online store, you just need to add any amount you want, and your stock’s amount will change based on the amount you add before.

Import and Export More Than Hundreds of Products at Once

When your business is still small and you have less than a hundred product, you probably do not mind to add your product one by one into your online store, but what will you do when you have thousand of products? With Magento’s import feature, you can add thousand of products at once with just a few clicks. You also can take all of your product data at once with Magento’s export system.

Automatic Notification when Your Stock is Running Low

With Magento, you won’t ever forget to restock your product again. The system will send you an E-mail if there is a product with the lower amount of stock than you have set before. For example, you made a rule: If there is a product with stock less than 5 unit, send a reminder E-mail. The system will send E-mail once every few days or once a week with a report of all the products that need to get restocked again. You also can turn off this feature for certain products.

Synchronize Your Product

Your Magento store will be connected with your other stores like Amazon and eBay. If someone buys something from there, then the stock in your Magento store will get reduced automatically too.