A Journey: From Wishlist to Checkout

A Journey: From Wishlist to Checkout


03 September 2018

By limenotlemon

Far before the e-commerce era begins, we will write what we want to buy on a paper. Make it as a checklist just in case we will forget something when we go to a marketplace. But for now, an online store, we already have a wishlist. It’s somewhat similar to the paper we had in the old days, but who knows we could do more with this wishlist feature.

Why Wishlist?


Make your user come back to your website or mobile app. Even though they are not buying your product in the present, there is a high chance that they will be back to their list and buy the product in the future.

Out of Stock

It’s sad when you want to buy a product but it’s out of stock just right when you want to click ‘buy’. But fortunately, e-commerce wishlist will help unfortunate people like you get the product way sooner. You can notify the customer about the stock of your recent product. And if it’s included in their wishlists, it would be possible to convert the listed product to purchase.

Rational Spender

Converting a user to a buyer need a lot of effort. Still, there is always a way to help them purchase your product. Wishlist gives the user a chance to save whatever product they like and buy them when they get the money. It gives a choice for a user to become a rational spender. Since not everyone is a fast buyer who will buy anything impulsively.
Also, rational spender tends to be more trending than the impulsive spender. People don’t just buy something. They will compare two or more products, wait for a discount, a coupon, cashback, and anything that could help them get the product, but still has little advantage. A little discount is better than buying a product with full price, right?

Segmenting Your Customer

Divide your customer into some segments to make an easier path for your marketing strategy. The list will help you divide the customer by watching the product that they add to their list. It’s also necessary to be a data when you want to promote something for a specific segment.

Create an Attractive Wishlist

Using a heart icon to add a product to their wishlist is also a plus. They can track, add, and remove whatever product they want in their wishlist. it’s manageable and easy to use.

Don’t Forget

Don’t forget to remind them about their wishlist. Not just a shopping cart, sometimes wishlist also need a notification feature to remind the customer of their favorite list. Make sure you come up with a strategy to make them subscribe to your email newsletter. You can automate the email newsletter when they start signing up in your e-commerce store.
A Journey From Wishlist to Checkout
But don’t mention the list. Instead, you can mention more interesting way like a special coupon, limited-time discount, flash sale, or other promotion strategies. It could attract the customer and at least they will open the mobile app or your website.
Or you can use a simple notification if they open the website or mobile app. It’s a short pop-up message in your homepage. And of course, you need to add a button that contains the wishlist link. It’s all depends on your approach. And if you need help, simply drop us a line and we will find the most effective way to gather your customer.

Share Favorite Products

Stocking some products to your list is nice. But it would be more fun if the list could be shared with your significant others. Just like what we did in the conventional store. When we want to buy something, we will make a list. But if we don’t have money, we will give the list to our parents or partner so that they could (hopefully) buy the items for us. So does the wishlist sharing feature? It will support you to share any kind of product instantly.

Final Thought

Finally, we can conclude that the significance of your customer’s wish list does not just help them, but also help yourself grow your business by creating an effective strategy in any kind of promotion program. And just in case if you need our help, you can give a call to our project manager and get the solution of your problem.

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