Malware: Purchase and Order Safely

Malware: Purchase and Order Safely


21 August 2018

By limenotlemon

Well, I think this is another part of my last article. Last time we discussed phishing, a method to steal your private information and using it for personal gain. For now, let’s talk about malware or malicious software. A threat in a computer that corrupted the system and sometimes your life as well

Security System in a Computer

A computer has a basic operating system that was built by the factory. If you are using Windows, you can open the task manager and see that there are a lot of things that run in the background when you work on something. Whether it’s playing some music, watch a movie, write a note,


Malware Purchase and Order Safely
Malware is a malicious code that was made by a hacker who wants to infect your computer or steal your private data. It will affect your system performance, slowing it down, sometimes could break your software, blue screen, and it will affect your e-commerce business if it’s not solved correctly.

Types of Malware

There are some types of malware. Let me explain it simply.


Just like its name, it comes from an ad and mostly will give a troublesome malware that sticks on your browser. And sometimes it’s hard to get rid of them. So, make sure you don’t have any adware that could lead to more trouble like hacking or backdoor.


Ransomware can lock your account and the hacker will blackmail you if you want to open the account safely. I think it’s quite popular since we got a global problem from this malware recently. Even now, you still have to be careful if you got some suspicious email or link that could lead to malware.

Trojan Horses

It’s basically a famous virus that contained in a familiar file format that you regularly use. Since it will be hard to detect with a glance, therefore you will need a strong anti-trojan to defend yourself from this virus.

Security System in E-Commerce Website

Malware Purchase and Order Safely
You will need some backup plan to cover these troubles up. You can start with these three below.

Regular Security Audit

Just like what we do in real life, if there is a suspicious thing, you will be aware of it and start observing to find the threat. For example, if you see inside a bank, you will find regular security audit for all system, including the vault and the computer system. It’s necessary since the bank could be the biggest target of the robber.
The website also needs to be audited regularly. All e-commerce platforms will get regular update based on the feedback and data usage from their users. Just like what you see in the Play Store and Apple Store. The update of mobile apps are not only for new features but also to solve the bug and update the security system that could protect your phone from harm.

Regular Software Update

Don’t forget, I will say it again, do not forget to update your software. Especially for risky platforms that still have leaks in their system. It will be bothersome if you are late in updating your software.

Firewall and TFA System

These days, we put our trust in modern security system like TFA. After we use a firewall to block anything suspicious for the outside, we also use an authentication system from the inside. Just in case that someone stole our phone or notebook and collect the data from the inside. The hacker or bad guy can’t get inside your account and at least you can be relaxed for a while. All you need to do is to find your stolen phone or buy a new one to cut all the access to your stolen phone. We should appreciate all the hard work from developers to find a way of protecting our transaction when we buy or sell something in an e-commerce store.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware

Malware Purchase and Order Safely
As we always do, you can use anti-virus and anti-malware software to counter-attack the threats that crawl from your portable hardware or internet.

Final Thought

Protect your customer, your e-commerce website, a mobile app from anything suspicious that could lead you to extract the malware and infect your system. It’s all start by doing a simple thing like be aware of any link, file, and advertisement. Even it’s from your significant others.

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