Phishing: A Treat Behind E-Commerce Site

Phishing: A Treat Behind E-Commerce Site


15 August 2018

By limenotlemon

Website security is the main reason I want to talk about this topic. A big treat that has a long history in the journey of the internet itself. Phishing is one of the frauds you will find on the internet. And although it has a long history, you will always find someone caught by this treat easily. Especially for an initial user. They will get the bait and lost more than they ever could imagine.
Phishing A Treat Behind E-Commerce Site
The most troublesome is that phishing is not decreasing but grow bigger and bigger for years since the early 20s. Moreover, its impact could affect anyone, including you and your website. And this is the reason why we should talk about this thoroughly.

What is Phishing?

Phishing, as its name that seems like ‘fishing’, is like a bait that made for specific people. It’s quite harmful since your data will get stolen by the bad guys in just one simple click. Mostly you can find it in the spam folder that contains some emails that seem fishy in the first place.
Many companies have upgraded their security system over time. Even the budget itself is quite big and it’s not only caused by the satisfactory of your customer, but it will cost your company’s life if you get some unknown leaks in your security system. Mostly, it’s called backdoor (yes, like when you use a backdoor to sneak into your own house at night)

Types of Phishing

Phishing A Treat Behind E-Commerce Site
Since there are several unique phishing these days, I will explain some popular methods to make sure that you don’t do something harmful.

Link Manipulation

Just like popular click-bait these days, when you click a link, you will be automatically directed to a specific website that could harm your private information. So, in short, you have to be careful before clicking everything. Including a link from your closest friend. Since there is a chance that your friend couldn’t understand about the link that he/she shared.

Cross-site Scripting

To make it simple, when you visit your favorite website, you will face a similar website that has the same interface and since it’s hard to notice that it’s a fake website, you simply enter your private information such as password, credit card information, and anything else. Poof! Your private information is in danger.

Voice and SMS Phishing

Voice or SMS phishing is using voice call and SMS to get the private information from the owner. For example, they will say that you have got a prize from some random events that you don’t even know they exist. After that, the bad guy will say something like

Filter Evasion

Filter evasion is worse. It’s like a Trojan horse that uses images as the media to send the phishing script. Since they use images, the filter could detect the treat and would be fatal if you click the bait. So, make sure you don’t click any suspicious images on the internet. It’s internet by the way. There are good and bad things everywhere. And it could harm anyone.

Final Thought

Phishing A Treat Behind E-Commerce Site
After those explanations, I think we already know that phishing could hurt anyone and sometimes you can’t do anything about it. But before the treat gets an impact on you, it’s better to update your security system regularly. Check your SSL certificate regularly, server update, and other security audits that necessary for your business website.

LimeCommerce Security Audit

If you have no idea yet, you can come to LimeCommerce and get the security audit from us. Thanks to LimeCommerce’s years of experience, we have made several security audits for a lot of websites. But specifically, we will analyze for Magento website. Since we expertise in that field. Therefore, if you have trouble to update or upgrade your Magento security system, simply drop us a line and we will observe and audit it right away.

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