Upgrade Checkout Interface for Better Transaction

Upgrade Checkout Interface for Better Transaction


27 December 2018

By limenotlemon

Better transaction is one the most deciding parts in e-commerce. Sometimes, when the customer finds several difficulties in the last part, they could decline the purchase and prefer to go to another e-commerce website or mobile app that has a simpler transaction process.

Why Better Transactions Matters

The last thing you do when you purchase a product is a transaction process. But if the transaction process is complicated, as I said before, the customer could decline the transaction and turn out go to another e-commerce website. Although we already have a good product and affordable price, we still have to create a simple process in the last part.

So, let’s discuss the transaction process of an e-commerce store. Especially for the checkout feature on your website or maybe a mobile app.

Transaction in One Go

For me, the best checkout interface so far is using a single page that consists of all information like shipping, billing details, payment method you can choose, an option to add coupon code or voucher, also the subtotal and total payment.

Simple Interface

No one wants complicated checkout. The transaction should be simple. If the conventional store uses more than one cashier to make the checkout process way more efficient, e-commerce store uses a different method for the checkout process.

Upgrade Checkout Interface for Better Transaction

If we can create a simple interface that consists of all transaction information, the customer doesn’t need to jump from one page to another to complete their payment. Simple. Useful.

How to Arrange the Checkout Interface

I think we all know that any kind of store has a different way to sell their product. Even in the checkout process, there are different interfaces that we could face. It’s all related to other features that we all have. For example, if you have a feature that could make someone get points from what they purchase, then you should present it in the checkout interface. Therefore, the customer could understand how many points they will get if they purchased the product.

Shipping Address

You should set the shipping address at the top of the checkout interface. The customer just needs to pick the address. It can show the recent address the customer has used before.

I think the customer wouldn’t like it if they need to add an address every time they make a purchase. So, make sure you set it automatically.

Billing Detail

Billing detail should be contained with at least three things. Product price, shipping cost, and total cost. If there is a discount or coupon, the customer could add it easily as well. Also, we always finish the checkout interface with a total payment of all purchases. So, the system should sum it all up afterward (including the discount as well).

Payment Method

  • Upgrade Checkout Interface for Better Transaction

If countries like Korea and the US mostly use a credit card in any online transaction, in my country, Indonesia, we still use the manual transfer to purchase our product. That’s why you will need to develop a checkout that has a relevant payment method for the customer.

Development Process

I think we can break down the general process of checkout development. The process should be from a design. But if you want to use a theme from the internet, it’s all up to you.

Magento Workflow

It takes approximately 40 hours to develop your new checkout interface. It also depends on every specification. Every company is different, right? We will discuss the specification, start the development, the project manager will try it first, then you try the feature, and finally, if you agree with the feature, we can deploy it to your site or mobile app.

LimeCommerce Checkout Interface Development

We want you to get the simplest checkout possible. Just as I said before, Limecommerce will develop a one-page checkout system to make sure all transactions can find the fastest way possible.

We also integrate the checkout system into a website and mobile app. Just in case if you develop a mobile app for your e-commerce store as well. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about integration. Let us deal with the problem.

checkout system

Using a multichannel payment method also a plus. For example, if the e-commerce store has a built-in e-wallet, the customer can use the remaining balance of their wallet and use another payment method to pay the rest. Just choose. If you want the customer to just use a single channel, just name it.

Final Thought

Finally, we can conclude that simple is better. Using simple one-page checkout for all transactions will significantly keep your sales. All you need to think about is to produce the best product and promotion. We will deal with the technical difficulties.

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