Web Development Service: Shipping System

Web Development Service: Shipping System


11 May 2018

By limenotlemon

E-Commerce Workflow

Who doesn’t love the digital world? It feels like most people now have nomophobia or something like that. Nomophobia is a fear when you lost and away from your phone. But it makes sense because a mobile phone is quite addictive. Web developer all across the world feel like it’s a curse and blessing at once. But let talk about it elsewhere. What I want to talk about is when you stick to your phone all the time and browse promoted products in mobile web. Most people will buy when they know how much the shipping charge they will get. But if they have no idea, then the e-commerce player should hire a web development service to support that thing.
First thing first, let’s talk about the shipping system. shipping system is the last part of the transaction process. Take a look. One, all customer need to pick the right product and send it to their shipping cart. After that, they check out the order and they will get your invoice right away. This invoice contains the product price, packaging and shipping charge, tax rate, and sometimes additional fee as well.
The decision making takes place when people click the checkout button and analyze the transaction detail. I think it takes too long and the probability of canceling the order is big. So, I think we should show the shipping charge at the beginning. Just after the product image, people can choose the accurate location of the shipping destination and see how much they should pay for the shipping charge.
But before that, you should analyze the market share. You need to target the right market and then develop your shipping system. The web development service will be more efficient that way.

Market Share

Web Development Service Shipping System
Market share analytic used for the right code to calculate the shipping charge. When you targeted the local customer, then you should not provide a drop-down menu for choosing the right country. You just need to add province/region, city, and a box to write the customer’s address. But when you target international market share, then you need to add an option for the destination country and perhaps for the origin country as well. Including for the fast shipping if it’s needed.
The next task you should do is to find a web developer who will happily do the web development service. But before that, let’s dive into the shipping provider world. There are a lot of things you need to learn so that it will be simpler to run your e-commerce store.

Shipping Provider

Actually, in term of geography, there are two kinds of shipping provider, local and international. For the local one, it only serves one country only and the international could deliver your package across the world.

LimeCommerce Shipping System Features

Automated Shipping Charge

To be precise, we need to make a shipping feature that shows the charge of the shipping process. When people know how much should they pay for the shipping process, the cheap shipping charge motivates prospective customers to easily click purchase or buy. It’s still better than not knowing how much you should pay to get your product. Especially when you buy from another country.
The shipping charge comes from at least four elements. Packaging size, packaging weight, origin country, and the destination country. Perhaps if you provide an insurance, you can also add the option after the shipping charge. The web development service is quite easy for this one since we have a handmade extension to install in your e-commerce store.

Free Shipping

Web Development Service Shipping System
If there is a promo for free shipping product, you can also add the feature. If there is a chance to show how much thrifty the customer is, this is the right time. Save more money from free shipping let them think that you are a good e-commerce company. This could lift your sales up and you will get more profit from it. A little investment for a greater income.
According to Shopify, there is four way to make a free shipping strategy:

  • Increase product price to covers costs for shipping (customer pays)
  • You pay the full price of shipping out of your margins (you pay)
  • Increase prices of products slightly to cover partial costs of shipping (you and your customer pays)
  • Offer a discount code to certain customers for free shipping

But for me, there is one more way to distribute a free shipping option for the customer. Offer a coupon for free shipping in a certain amount. It feels like the discount but more sophisticated. When discount mostly used automatically, the coupon is more flexible and you can give it to attract customer for more purchases.
For this option, you can also ask our expert to add this to your e-commerce store. But the web development service depends on you. Not every company decide to make a free shipping option for its customers.

Flat Rate Shipping

Web Development Service Shipping System
According to Chron, flat rate shipping is a standard rate charged to transport packages, regardless of weight or size. The U.S. Postal Service has many flat rate options combined with priority service for consumers, up to a maximum weight per item. Business owners who sell items online offer customers flat rate shipping as an incentive to buyers. It’s more thrifty and affordable for your customer with this flat rate shipping method.
We also can add the flat rate shipping. But for Indonesia, I think this method is rare and mostly used in the international shipping providers. Still, if you export your product, this option sometimes needed to save more money for your customers. The customer will be more loyal to you with this method.


Finally, we know that there are a lot of things we should know about shipping system. Those are just a glance in the shipping system. When you have a medium or big e-commerce company, the web development service for shipping system will be more complex. Especially when you targeted for both local and international market share. You need more option for shipping providers that have a lot of services and support your loyal customers or even your prospective customers. Just from us a line to do the web development service.

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