What is Web Marketing? Definition and Types

What is Web Marketing? Definition and Types


13 October 2017

By limenotlemon

What is Web Marketing

The Internet has changed various kind of aspects of our daily lives. From the way, we communicate with another person, to business (web marketing, SEO, etc), and technologies. Who would’ve thought that we can buy almost anything with just a few taps on our smartphone?

If you have your own business, then you must understand all the opportunities the internet can offer to you, and you must take advantage of them. That is means, you need to hone your skill in web marketing, so you can reach more people as your potential buyers.

What is web marketing?

Marketing that done via the internet (online), is often called web marketing or online marketing. More people prefer to do web marketing now because it’s less expensive. Some kind of web marketing even free to do. For example, you can start a blog or upload your video on Youtube for free.
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Web marketing types

There are several types of web marketing. Some of them can be used alone, and some only can work fine if used together with other types.

  1. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a process to improve a site’s rank in the search result with various kinds of methods. It was done so it would be easier for people to be able to find a particular site. Basically, the higher the rank is the better.

SEO is quite important now. Why? That is because people use a search engine like Google to look for an answer or solution for their problems.

It is also not only about ranking and search results. A good SEO practice can help improve the usability of the site and makes it more user-friendly.

Search result on Google or other search engines is based on a complex algorithm. The algorithm will take various kinds of factors to decide the ranking and the position of the sites in the search result.

In a simple way, SEO can be divided into 2 main stages:


  • On-site SEO

On-site SEO is the rule that can be used on your site to make it more search-friendly.

  • Off-site SEO

The methods used to promote your site or blog so it can rank well in the search result.


  1. Email marketing

Even with the newest forms of web marketing, email is still considered one of the most important types of online marketing. Email probably not as cool as its younger partner, social media, but if you prefer something more private and direct, then email marketing is the best choice for you. This is also one of the reasons why email marketing is still widely used even now.

what is web marketing

To make it work, you need to focus on the private aspect of the email’s nature and treat your subscribers in a special way, more than non-subscribers. For example, you can give them special discounts, exclusive content, personalized offers, or other special things that non-subscribers can not get.

However, at the same time, you also need to be extra careful when you manage your email marketing system. Make sure your email does not violate spam laws.


  1. Pay per click ads

Pay per click ads or PPC is a type of web marketing where the advertisers will pay a fee every time someone clicks on their ads. Basically, you will pay so someone visits your site, instead of relying on an organic result.

If you do it properly, PPC may become the fastest method for you to get traffic to your site. But if not, then you may waste away your money for nothing.

Keyword research for PPC itself can be time-consuming, but at the same time, it is also very important, especially if you want to do it properly. PPC campaign is built around keywords, after all.

An effective keyword for PPC should be :

  • Exhaustive
  • Relevant
  • Expansive


  1. Blog marketing

What is blog marketing? Blog marketing is the process to reach your target market with a blog. Nowadays, it is easier for a business owner to integrate both the website and the blog, so it will be easier to manage and easier for the customers to access.

content posting

Why should you use a blog for your web marketing tactic? Here are a few reasons why:

  • Help drive more traffic to your site.
  • Convert traffic into leads
  • Give you a long-term result
  • Help establish authority
  1. Video marketing

As you may know, Youtube has become one of the most visited sites and also the second largest search engine in the world now.

Even though video production is not cheap and easy, but it will pay you big time. In fact, about 76% of businesses say that video offers a good return on their investment. Besides, editing and taking videos are not that expensive right now. Some video editing software can be used for free, and you can make a decent video with your smartphones.


  1. Social media

Now more and more people like to use social media platforms to promote their brand and products.

Social media marketing refers to the process to get more traffics via social media platforms. There is various kind of activities for this kind of web marketing, such as making and uploading videos, posting images and text, and other content that can drive audience and engage them directly.

video marketing

Before you decide to do your social media campaign, first you will need a plan. Starting a social media campaign without any goal in mind is like wandering in a forest without a map and a compass. It probably fun, but in the end, you will get lost.


  1. Content marketing

Content marketing is a long-term web marketing strategy where the main focus is to build a strong and long-lasting relationship with the audience by giving them good quality content that relevant to your products or brand.

A good and high-quality content marketing should be able to achieve these goals:

  • Be discussed

People should be willing to discuss your content in their community

  • Be shared

This is the main purpose of your content marketing. Let people share your content willingly, so you can get maximum exposure.

  • Make sales
  • Generate leads

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