On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business in 2020

On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business in 2020


09 January 2020

By limenotlemon

On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business – Let’s start our discussion with a little history of how physical stores become widely known as the type of store for all people around the world. And after the internet rules the world, people started to change how they sell and buy their products. They create websites, sell their products over there, customers add the product to their virtual shopping cart, make their purchase, and the products will arrive right in front of their door a few days after. But that’s the old way of buying. Now people start to use a smartphone as their gadgets to the newest product.
The smartphone industry itself is growing and we become part of it. According to data provided by KataData below, people in Indonesia have a quite high demand for using a smartphone. In 2016, we already have approximately 65,2 million people using smartphones in Indonesia. In 2019, the tally increased in advance and reaches 92 million people. This data has shown us that 30 million smartphones are on our hands.
On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business in 2020 Smartphone user in Indonesia
The mobile app industry, statistically also grows following the growth of smartphone usage. Now in December 2019, there are at least 3 million apps in the Play Store. That includes gaming apps, financial technology, social media, streaming platform, online course, online bookings, travel apps, and even farming apps.
Along with the smartphone usage growth and millions of app, we can safely assume that the market app will keep growing and this is an opportunity to upgrade your business. A mobile app is the best solution to boost your awareness, engagement, and conversion.

How to implement an app to your business plan

A website is great, but a mobile app now is way better than it. For example, an agriculture industry will only need some swipes and taps to bring the seeds, vegetables, fruits, to the customers. Customers could see and filter available products on their smartphone and get it in the shopping cart right away. On the other hand, the seller or farmer could monitor what kind of veggies and fruits the customers want, calculate the price, the stock, and even create a discount. It’s all precisely connected
According to WeAreSocial in the picture below, agriculture, which be included in Food and Personal Care category, has shown a rise in popularity and purchase, around 15% globally in 2019. And there is more significant growth in other categories.
On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business in 2020 Southeast Asia E commerce spotlight
Okay, is that not enough? Then look again on this picture below, according to WeAreSocial, Indonesia has the highest growth in Food and Personal Care Category. Aside from it, you can see that Fashion & Beauty category has 18 % growth, Electronics, and Physical Media come with 24% growth, and you can have more in the Furniture category, Toys category, and even Digital Music category. We can see that every sector is growing and I don’t think it’s going to stop anytime soon.
On-Demand Mobile App for Your Business in 2020 Indonesia’s Ecommerce Growth in 2019

How to plan your investment on a mobile app

The reason a mobile app is a solution to your business is the data and statistics I’ve mentioned before. People love mobile apps. It’s easy, it’s quick, it’s all in your hand. We all know that the smartphone is sexy. We can increase our revenue with it and we should be an adaptive company to handle the competition and unexpected situation. Yet technically, being adaptive is still not enough. Adaptive needs tons of effort and hard work. And the most important thing is having an experienced mobile app developer by your side.
Let’s talk about money later on. The first thing you need is finding a mobile app developer. Learning it by yourself will take a lot of time and fortune. It’s possible, but being adaptive needs quick and measurable action. Either you hire a mobile app developer as a full-time employee or signing a contract with a digital agency, it’s part of your investment plan.

Basic features of a mobile app

Let’s say you have a physical store. You have your store that shows your products and you have a regular office to manage the warehouse, inventory, finance, human resources, and other managerial things. a mobile app is just like that. A mobile app has two sides: front-end and back-end. Front-end is like the brick and mortar. It shows the products, promotion, customer’s review, or anything that’s related to your customer. Back-end, on the other hand, has some functions to manage your business and administration. It’s like the kitchen of a restaurant. Front-end and back-end have an important job to sustain your business. And that’s why you have to make goals, concepts, strategy, and a specific blueprint for that matter.

Selecting and developing additional features

Selecting and developing additional features should be based on your problems. Just like my example in agricultural business, it’s not only about supply and demand, the farmer and customer need weather forecast, scheduled for harvest season, and even using a drone to monitor the crops. We can also use the drone to deliver the product. Just like what Amazon did with its drone delivery system.
Another example. If we are going to a department store and want to buy clothes, we need a fitting room to at least try what we are going to buy. We sometimes also want to make an original and special design for our clothes. But the question is, is it possible to make features for that demand? Lucky you, it’s quite possible.
We can try to make an augmented reality by creating a program in your mobile app. The seller doesn’t need to bring the clothes to the customer, but the customer can try the clothes at home. They just need to use their camera and set it in front of a mirror. That’s not just a sci-fi story, it’s here and ready to be used.

Final words

Take your time to think about it. Don’t force yourself to create an app that similar to your competitors. Create your goals, analyze the situation, manage your resources, create your plans, and bring your business to the next level by developing a mobile app with some decent and relatable features. And for that matter, our digital agency will always get your back.

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